The latest financial remedies, totaling over 10 billion MOP (US $ 1.25 billion) promised by the authorities on June 19, add some additions in the face of the latest developments in the outbreak of COVID-19 in the community. Once “adjusted” by the measures, the next economic and financial Raywinon today (Saturday).

He spoke at a press conference today, and authorities announced more restrictive measures to control the city’s latest coronavirus outbreak after June 18. Until July 18th.

The government said on June 19 that new financial support measures of 10 billion MOP will be deployed, including one-off subsidies to employees, self-employed people and businesses. Exemption from tourism tax. Fuel subsidies to the taxi sector. others.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, this outbreak has had the most impact on us and there is still a lot of uncertainty,” Ray said today. “We have been observing the situation since June 19th and are studying what will happen next.”

“During this critical time, we must take critical steps to support society,” he continued. “[ThemeasuresannouncedonJune19willbepartiallyadjustedandenhancedtobeabletofightwiththispandemicandovercomethisdifficulttime”[AnnouncedonJune19willbepartiallyadjustedandbolsteredsothatwecanfightthispandemictogetherandgetthroughthisdifficultperiod”[6月19日に発表された措置は、このパンデミックと一緒に戦い、この困難な時期を乗り越えることができるように、部分的に調整および強化される予定です。」[announcedonJune 19 willbepartiallyadjustedandbolsteredsothatwecanfightthispandemictogetherandgetthroughthisdifficultperiod”

However, officials did not provide details at the press conference on what new measures would be added and when all of this could be implemented.

Prior to this outbreak, the government proposed a new round of electronic vouchers for consumers earlier this year, a 300 million MOP scheme to help businesses hire local staff, and other support measures.

“I hope everyone is confident that they know that the government is committed to supporting the community,” Ray said today.

Macau has experienced the worst community outbreaks since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic more than two years ago, with a total of 1,374 infections as of Friday, June 18.

Separately, Leong Iek Hou, coordinator of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said at today’s press conference that game operator Melco Resorts and Entertainment employees were infected and “many colleagues” were quarantined. I confirmed that. Administrative.

However, she emphasized that there were no “signs” of a large virus spreading to the operator’s venue.

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