We all know or can visualize the positive psychological effects of sitting and enjoying warm kappa, but many of us have a lot of health in adding tea to our daily diet. I’m not aware of the above benefits.

Green Tea
The taste of this famous tea boasts many beneficial properties. Studies show that people who drink green tea are less likely to develop certain types of cancer and have heart disease due to the active compounds naturally found in tea leaves that can prevent free radicals from destroying cells and tissues. Has been shown to be at low risk.
If more compelling is needed, the heat-generating properties of tea stimulate metabolism, help weight loss and maintain a healthy BMI. In terms of flavor, green tea is often described as fresh and overgrown, and Japanese green tea often tastes more plants than the sweeter Chinese varieties.

Sour sop tea
Sour sop fruit is popular here in the Cayman Islands because it grows naturally in the Caribbean, and is a renewable energy drink in the form of tea. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it is anti-carcinogenic and helps treat liver problems such as urethritis and hematuria. Sour sop tea has a citrus aroma and a fragrant aroma.

Although this tea tastes terribly bitter, it has long been used in many subtropical and Caribbean countries as a blood antidote and as an insulin level controller for diabetics. Seracy tea has also traditionally been considered effective in preventing illnesses such as colds, abdominal pain, and fever if taken regularly.

Lemongrass tea
Lemongrass tea, with its distinct citric acid flavor, has also been shown to have antibacterial and antifungal properties that allow it to not only fight cancer, but also detoxify the gastrointestinal tract and organs. Lemongrass has also been reported to enhance the immune system, reduce the annoying cases of acne and cellulite, and can be used to treat fever, to name a few of its benefits.

Mintha tea
There are many types of mint tea, all of which have long been known to be therapeutic. The benefits of digestion and breathing are included in its repertoire, along with sedative effects that can help relaxation and reduce stress. Peppermint tea has been specifically proven to combat gas and bloating in the abdomen. Mentha has also been found to shine and moisturize hair and skin.

Chamomile tea
The first benefit of warm chamomile tea is its gentle and soothing essence. Made from fragrant chamomile plant flowers, this sedative tea not only helps treat insomnia, but also helps digestion after meals. With a delicate and floral taste, it is ideal for calming the mind and body.

Rosehip tea
This tea is best known for its extremely high levels of vitamin C, which is important for the immune system and healthy skin. Rosehip has been used in recipes by Native Americans for centuries and has a tangy, sharp flavor and a bright pink color.

Oolong Tea
This Chinese tea is prepared through a unique process of sun drying and oxidation before it is ready to drink. Helps to lose weight, strengthen teeth, improve skin problems such as eczema, and extend lifespan. Depending on the time the tea leaves are oxidized, the flavor of the tea can range from sweeter varieties to more rustic, noteworthy teas. Oolong tea also has less caffeine than green tea or black tea, making it ideal for the night.

Black tea is the most popular tea flavor in the West. Studies show that black tea can protect the body from cardiovascular disease, but the addition of milk offsets these effects. Like all black teas, black tea contains antioxidants, but switching teas in preference to one of the above varieties can be a healthier alternative.

Specially cultivated and processed green tea, traditionally used in Japanese rituals, provides drinkers with abundant healthy compounds. Polyphenols may provide protection from many illnesses and signs of aging. Partly because the leaves are consumed rather than soaked and thrown away. Finely crush matcha leaves and put the powder in hot water to make tea.

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