Minho’s K-pop group SHINee He plays Ji Woo Min, a handsome photo retoucher who is talented and in demand but not particularly motivated.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-eun plays a young fashion designer and real-life model Park Hee-jung emerges as a top catwalk model, telling the story of the ups and downs of a young professional. (Netflix, starting November 4)

2. Other people’s revenge

Following a gritty survey series shadow detectiveDisney is staying in a dark lane with its upcoming revenge thriller revenge on others.

Shin Ye-eun portrays 19-year-old student Ok Chan-mi, a former shooter who treads a path of revenge with a sports gun when her twin brother dies suddenly and the police do little to solve the case. play.

Romont’s All of Us Are Dead You play Ji Soo-hong, who teams up with Ye-eun on her quest. Suhong takes revenge on the bullied student by chasing the bully. (Disney+, Nov. 6)

3. Behind Every Star

Lee Seo-jin plays Ma Tae-oh, a kind and smart agency director who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to get what he wants.

Kwak Sun-young plays the ambitious Jung Jae-in, who has risen to senior management and is striving to go further.

Tae-o and Je-in don’t always see the tactics and deals going on behind the scenes with this fast-paced look. (tvN, Nov. 7)

4. First Responder

Police and firefighters work together to solve cases in this action thriller drama. Kim Rae Won (Luka: The Beginning) will play Jin Ho-gae, a hard-boiled police officer with low social skills but excellent intuition, and Son Ho-joon will play Bong Do-jin, an enthusiastic and empathetic firefighter.

On the other hand, Gong Seung-yeon will play the warm-hearted paramedic Song Seol. Unusually for a Korean drama, first responder has received orders for two seasons, with part two scheduled for the second half of next year. (SBS, November 12)

5. Reborn Rich

following the big hit Vincenzo,Super star Song Joong Ki returned to the screen of reborn rich The role of the diligent Yoon Hyun Woo, who works at Seungyang Group, was requested by the family who runs Seungyang Group.

One day, he is killed by Jin Do-joon, the youngest son of his family, on a false charge of embezzlement. Unexpectedly, he wakes up in Do-joon’s body and resolves to avenge his family from within.

Lee Sung Min (shadow detective) and Shin Hyun Bin (hospital playlist) co-star. (JTBC November 18)

6. someone

Newcomer Kang Hye-rim plays Sam, an app programmer with autism spectrum disorder, and Kim Young-kwang (on your wedding day) is a handsome architect who hides his identity as a murderer whoNetflix’s intense and unusual serial killer drama On lonely and marginalized people and marginalization in the digital age.

Film director Jung Ji Woo’s first appearance in a serial drama (Ungyo, dark-hearted), whoof First 3 episodes debut Busan International Film Festival this year. (Netflix, Nov. 18)

7. Weak Hero Class 1

popular webtoons weak hero Adapted for 8 episodes Weak hero class 1.

Yeon Si-eun, played by former Wanna One singer Park Ji-hoon, is a model high school student who looks frail but uses her wits and tactics to confront internal and external violence. school.

The show premiered at the Busan Film Festival in early October. (Wave, Nov. 18)

8. Casino

Veteran movie actor Choi Min-sik (oldboy) back to the small screen of crime dramas casinoHe plays Cha Moo Shik, a courageous entrepreneur who rises to become a casino boss in the Philippines.

Take a page out of a Martin Scorsese movie casinofrom this series Outlaw Director Kang Yoon-sung promises skillful thrills and a sophisticated drama. Song Suk (my release notes) and Lee Dong Hwi (glitch) co-star. (Disney+, Nov. 23)

9. Send me a fan letter

K-pop group Choi Sooyoung Girlhoodwho recently appeared If You Wish Upon Methe headline of the limited MBC series send me a fan letterShe plays Han Gang-hee, a popular actress who is embroiled in a big crisis after receiving a fan letter.

10. I don’t want to do anything

The latest work in the popular “healing drama” genre, I do not want to do anything Starring K-pop girl group AOA Seolhyun Im Siwan of boy band ZE:A.

The show focuses on Lee Yeol-eum (Sol), a young woman who lost her mother after being abandoned by her boyfriend, quitting her job and moving to the countryside.

She gets to know the locals, including the handsome librarian Ann Daebom (Im). (Genie TV, November)

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