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10 things you should know if you’re into Kang Tae Oh (heard from Soompi).

  1. Kang was once part of a group called surprise. It was the first ever actor group to include other famous actors such as Seo Kang-joon, Lee Tae-hwan, and Kong Myung.

2. His Myers-Briggs Personality Type (MBTI) is INFP. Interestingly, when he took the test, Special Attorney Wu Personality, he got an ESFJ. (MBTI is a personality testing tool that helps individuals understand their communication preferences and how they interact with others)

  1. his dating history. Kang said that most of the women he dated were older than him, with one exception.

4. Kang Tae Oh is a fruit lover. This is one of his favorite late night snacks and a staple in his fridge.

  1. When forced to choose between sleeping and eating, he always chooses sleep. He says sleep always wins when he’s tired and hungry on set while filming.

6. His real name is Kim Yoon Hwan. Born on June 20, 1994, he chose the name Kang Tae Oh when he became an actor.

  1. of Story of Nokudu It was his first historical series. It was also the first time he played a villain. He won an acting award for his role as Cha Yuleum.

8. Kang Tae Oh loved attention. When he was in elementary school, he talked a lot and tried to get attention with his loud voice, so he was liked by his classmates.

  1. martial arts index. Kang knows dog kendo and loves sports and track and field in general.

10. He actually first gained fame in Vietnam, not South Korea. forever young, This was a big hit in Vietnam and made him very popular in the country. In fact, he won the Best Actor Award at the Vietnam Television Awards.

The Independent World News first published 10 things to know about South Korean celebrity Kang Tae Oh.

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