Whether it or not Judd Matt Guard Bowen (Smokepork color slowly cooked with beans) or wäinzoossissmatmoschterzooss (Mustard sauce sausage), and kniddelen matte spec (Bacon bit dumplings), Luxembourg cuisine is less often found on the Grand Duchy menu.

As National Foundation Day approaches, you may want to taste traditional Luxembourg cuisine, so I looked for some places to offer a selection of local dishes on the menu.

Please let us know if you missed the place. I will add it as a reader’s recommendation.

If you want to try some of these dishes at home, there are many recipes for them in the Dining section.

Restaurant Um Dierfgen – Luxembourg City

Located on two floors and a sunny terrace, with simple decorations and wooden tables, it offers a wide selection of local dishes as well as dumplings and mustard sauce sausages. feierstengszalot Or with slices of beef and salad with potatoes and roasted ham têted evoau (Calf head). In addition to popular regional dishes such as steak tartare and rabbits with mustard sauce, there are plenty of seafood options.Vegetarians can try the non-meat version kniddelen..

Knödel with various sauces and toppings on a plate at Am Tiirmschen

Photo: Pierre Matgé

Am Tiirmschen – Luxembourg City

With a nice protected terrace and rustic interior, bare stonework, half-timbered ceilings and rattan chairs, this place near Cornish is the perfect place for some. Bouneschlupp mat Mettwurst (Douzhi with smoked sausage), Luxembourg sauerkraut (Pork, bacon, smoked sausages – only served from September to April), and a wide variety of Knödel, and more Judd Matt Guard Bowen Mustard sauce sausage. They also offer the famous local potato cake, gromperekichelcherAs a starter.

Bistro de la Press-Luxembourg City

Don’t be afraid of the dolls hanging from the ceiling of this charming bistro whose walls are full of old photographs. You can get homemade Luxembourg-style platters with local meat and cheese, as well as Luxembourg-style dumplings with bacon and cream, or raclette (melted cheese), sausages with mustard sauce. In addition, you can enjoy your meal while admiring the view of the Grand Palace.

Juddmat Gardebunen is a mixture of slowly cooked smoked pork and broad beans in a wine sauce.

Juddmat Gardebunen is a mixture of slowly cooked smoked pork and broad beans in a wine sauce.

Photo: Maison Stephen

Brasserie du Cercle – Luxembourg City

Cozy with fur and blankets in the winter and bright and airy in the summer, this brasserie offers a wide selection of Luxembourg dishes from mustard sauce sausages. kniddelen When Judd Matt Guard Bowen To cooked ham in Luxembourg, and gromperekichelcher Bacon, cheese and fried egg.It also has a good choice flammkuch..

Mousel’s Cantine – Clausen

The popular Klausen restaurant specially serves unfiltered Clausel beer, which makes it perfect for Luxembourg dishes such as mustard sauce sausages. Judd Matt Guard BowenAnd some very affordable kniddelenIncludes a vegetable version with mushrooms.You can also try pork / ham as sauerkraut Jumbo no (Roasted ham hook and knuckle). The restaurant is not that big, but it has a nice terrace.

Beim Zeutzius-Luxembourg City

The inside of the cafe is surprisingly spacious, and with several tables outside, this cafe has a simple charm.You will get feierstengszalot And Luxembourg ham and salad, plus kniddelenSausage and mustard sauce, and kachkeis In addition to (Luxembourg cheese), a good selection of local beers.

No need to wait for the Christmas market to try Gromperekichelcher, who was on the side at Sieweburen

No need to wait for the Christmas market to try Gromperekichelcher, who was on the side at Sieweburen

Photo: LW Archive

Juegdschlass and Sieweburen – Biergerkräiz and Rollingergrund

These two restaurants are the Yin and Yang of the Bämbesch Forest. One is in Rollingergrund and the other is in Biergerkräiz. Both are great family restaurants with a terrace and a play park nearby. They often appear on our list, but this time because of their Luxembourg cuisine.

At Juegdschlass you will find Juddmat Gardebounen, feierstengszalot Sausages with mustard sauce, and in season they cook delicious boar stews.You can get the same dish with Schubren Plus têted evoauAnd side orders gromperekichelcher.. Both locations have children’s menus.

Brasserie dumusée – Rumelange

Part of the Mining Museum in this Red Rock town, with a nice large terrace and playground, this restaurant offers services. Jumbo no, Judd Matt Guard Bowen, Sausages and dumplings. If you don’t want to try hearty regional dishes at your party and prefer pasta and salads, that’s a good choice.

Friture de la Moselle, a specialty of the wine region

Friture de la Moselle, a specialty of the wine region

Photo: Koeppchen Bistro Brasserie

Koeppchen – Wormeldange

Located on a hill overlooking Moselle, there are two lovely terraces where you can enjoy the snaffle bit. friture de la Moselle (Freshwater fish fried in Riesling batter) It has been served on a plate since 1907. You can also put it in sausages. kniddelen Also feierstengszalotIn addition to that, there are many other options such as burgers, vegetable dishes, horse steaks and much more.

Bridler Staff-Bridler

As you can expect from this traditional restaurant with a surprisingly long menu, there are a huge number of regional dishes in addition to some Luxembourg dishes. Shoe Clute When Jumbo no Decorate the menu together Judd Matt Guard Bowen, Black pudding, mustard sauce sausage, and, of course, Knödel. If you have a large group (50 or more), we will prepare a Luxembourg cuisine buffet where guests can try everything a little.

La Belissima – Kehlen

The vast terrace area, and the bright and airy indoor environment, seemingly like a place to try Luxembourg cuisine, as the menu is very Italian, including pizza, pasta and taliata, and quite a few, including Portuguese. I can’t see. Dried and salteded beetle.However, in Luxembourg’s specialty Bouneschlupp, feierstengszalot, bauerenträipen Or black pudding and regular suspects – mustard sauce sausages, kniddelen When Judd Matt Guard Bowen..

The best of the rest

RubistroNot far from Merle Park, it’s a pretty attractive environment with chandeliers and deep chaise lounges, offering veal heads, as well as veal-simmered pork shank and local trout baked in bread. doing. In the bart range, Renze Park A popular family-friendly place to cook feierstengszalot,plus friture du lac (Freshwater fish fried in clothes), veal head and mustard sauce sausage.

Kuddelfléck is a tomato sauce stomach offered at Mont Chalet in Dudelange.

Kuddelfléck is a tomato sauce stomach offered at Mont Chalet in Dudelange.

Photo: René Meyer / Dan Majerus

go to Mont Chalet In Dudelange kuddelfleck Or tomato stomach, this looks amazingly delicious, and some great Bouneschlupp, feierstengszalot And smoked sausage and traditional lentil soup.You can also try Riesling spaschtéit, A type of sausage roll with white wine jelly.

Knödel When wäinzoossiss On the menu Beim Adelheid Located in Beaufort with a large terrace and nice interiors of wood and red leather. Aux Tanneries de Wiltz In addition to the lovely environment of the beautifully renovated stone building, there is a quiet terrace and a menu of seasonal Luxembourg dishes currently included. Bouneschlupp And trout.

If you are eating within your budget, then check out Café Beim Kuerb A long choice at Pompierre kniddelen For about € 12 per plate, with sausage feierstengszalot It is also on the menu.Other Luxembourg dumplings, sausages and other delicacies Umm Chef Even in Remitch.

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