Soul: At least 120 people were killed and about 100 injured as thousands crowded into narrow streets to celebrate Halloween in central Seoul on Saturday, officials said. It happened around 10:22 pm (1322 GMT) and many of the victims were said to have been trampled to death.

“The high casualty numbers are the result of many people being trampled during Halloween events,” Choi said, adding that the death toll could rise. He said he was in cardiac arrest and that more than 140 ambulances had been dispatched to the scene to help the victims. The Itaewon district is a popular destination for those celebrating Halloween in the South Korean capital.

President Yoon Suk-yeol ordered authorities to dispatch first aid teams and quickly secure hospital beds for those affected, according to the Blue House. Video footage from the crash site shows people giving emergency first aid to several victims who appear prone on the pavement, as rescue workers rush to help others. was

Police in yellow jackets formed a cordon around the crash site, while rescue workers loaded the blanket-covered victim into an ambulance. About 20 people were completely covered in makeshift blankets by the roadside. Paramedics carried him on a wheeled stretcher to a waiting ambulance. This year’s Halloween is the first celebration of the event since the pandemic hit in 2020, when South Koreans weren’t required to wear face masks outdoors.-AFP

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