A young Australian returning home from Singapore was fined heavily for not putting the two ingredients in a half-eaten sandwich on the subway.

TikTok user Jessica shared her experience in a video and said it was one of those “Australian government stuff”.

She started the video by giving the government two middle fingers before explaining what happened.

“Basically, I just paid A $ 2,664 for the subway from Singapore,” Jessica said.

The 19-year-old admitted that was her mistake. She was hungry on an 11-hour flight, so she bought a one-foot-long sandwich from “Singapore Airport.”

Jessica consumed half of the sandwich and left the rest on her flight to Australia, but in the end she couldn’t complete the sandwich on the flight.

After passing through customs, authorities informed her that she did not declare chicken and lettuce in the sandwich.

Jessica has always thought that the declarations distributed during the flight were for carry-on baggage. She didn’t check the “Chicken” and “Lettuce” options.

“It’s a nice AU $ 2,664 paid within a few days … I quit my job before this trip … I have rent to pay!” Towards the end of the video, distraught Jessica said, “whatever happens, what can I do?”

Since then, the netizens have urged Jessica to fight the fines.

“I definitely think you can disagree with this. I traveled many times on the plane with food for personal consumption,” said a TikTok user.

“I have no way to pay for it. They will never get paid,” added TikTok user Critical Keaton.

In his disclaimer, Jessica said she realized it was her mistake. “I take ownership. I’m paying a fine. It’s just a moving video,” she added.

Jessica has a language barrier when another related netizen points out that other foreign visitors are leaving a warning to border guards about bringing in bags of “fish, nuts, seeds.” I explained.

“I was told that there was a language barrier between them, but I speak perfect English, so I’m fined.”

Domino’s official Australian account also commented on the video and asked Subway Australia to tag and help Jessica.

Subway Australia replied, “We are working on it.”

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has identified foods and ingredients that do not meet (our) biosecurity standards as a common and high-risk route to these threats. “

Travelers who provide “false or misleading information” to biosecurity personnel may be fined up to AU $ 2,664 (S $ 2,535).

Violators of the law may also be subject to criminal charges with fines of up to S $ 1.05 million and imprisonment of up to 10 years. / TISG


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