Twenty Bermuda students received a $ 605,000 scholarship to support their further education at the Bermuda International Business Association Education Awards [ABICEA] Annual winners’ luncheon.

A spokeswoman said: “ABICEA, funded by a donation from an international company in Bermuda, is one of the island’s largest and longest-running post-higher education scholarship programs. This program is in its 45th year and is an international business. We have assisted more than 720 qualified Belmdian students in pursuing undergraduate or graduate education in areas related to.

“Recipients are selected based on a combination of financial needs and academic performance. In the last decade alone, ABIC member companies have donated more than $ 6 million to this program.

“In 2011, ABIC’s board member and ABICEA winner Markel Bermuda’s senior underwriter and professional liability insurance Dominique Richardson were guest speakers. She was the recipient of 2022. I went out of their comfort zone, accepted the mistakes, and advised them to be their true self. “

ABIC 2022 Winners, Photo: Ernest McCreight

Ms. Richardson said: Pushing yourself gives you confidence, creativity, and adaptability.

“It’s not a mistake to define us or make us ourselves. That’s what we learn from them. You can take mistakes and turn them into a foothold for success. My advice to you is to accept your credibility. It makes it clearer what you want from life, allows you to live your true purpose, and also It makes it possible to attract real people. “

Michelle Seymour Smith, Chair of the ABICEA Board of Directors, paid tribute to ABIC’s managers and executive directors Greta Peters and Richard Winchell, who will retire later this year, respectively. In honor of them, the ABIC Graduate Scholarship will be renamed to the Peters Winchell Postgraduate Award.

“Greta is passionate about awards and her commitment has always been towards the well-being and success of her students,” said Ms. Seymour Smith. She added that during the eight years Ms. Peters managed the award, 160 scholarships were awarded, a mentoring program was developed, and financial support increased.

She described Winschel, who became ABIC’s first executive director in 2006, as an “eternal optimist” with endless commitment and energy. His achievements include increasing ABIC membership to 126 companies, implementing a school curriculum to educate students about international business, supporting the website, and ABIC for WeSpeak and the Association of Corporate Racial Equality. Includes promoting diversity, fairness, and inclusion through our support. [ACRE]..

Peters said: The best time is when graduates ask ABICEA how they can give back. He will have the opportunity to participate in a public school career panel, become a mentor, eventually become a scholarship interviewer, and appear in promotional videos for Bloomberg Businessweek and We are proud to be able to support the next generation of leaders in the best possible way. “

A spokeswoman said:

“”Nazara Bridgewater: Graduated from Berkeley Institute in 2021. Nazara is about to enter her second year at Howard University. She is there, she majors in mathematics in actuarial programs and minors in psychology. Her purpose is to become a life insurance actuarial for a reinsurance company.

“”Chiara Virtualer: After graduating from Bermuda High School in 2021, Chiara of the International Baccalaureate will be in her second year at Western Ontario University, where she majors in computer science and mathematics. She wants to work in reinsurance as an actuary or data analyst.

“”Benjamin Darling: A graduate of the Warwick Academy, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of West England, UK, completing his first year. [Hons] program. He will work as an accountant and win the Certified Accountants Association. [ACCA] specify.

“”Jada Davis: International Baccalaureate graduated from Bermuda High School in 2022. Jada looks forward to attending Honors College at Rutgers University in the fall. She reads there two majors, Finance and Business Analysis and Information Technology.

“”Amber Douglas: Amber, who holds a BBA in Human Resources Management from the University of Toronto Metropolitan, currently holds an honors degree. Prior to this, she graduated from Bermuda College in 2021 with an associate degree in business administration.

“”Miguel Frutado Shimas: Cedar Bridge Academy graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bermuda College and a Bachelor of Arts degree. He transfers his credits to St. John’s University in New York to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Risk Management and Insurance.

“”Aisling Harris: After graduating from the International Baccalaureate in 2021, Warwick Academy will earn a joint honors degree in geography and economics from the University of Reading before returning to Bermuda to begin his career in international business.

“”Nanami Ingram: Graduated from Berkeley Institute and won the honor of the principal. She majors in accounting and finance at the University of Toronto Metropolitan and holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Her goal is to achieve the CPA designation.

“”Christopher Jackson: I am a 4th year student at Eastern Michigan University, majoring in Bachelor of Science in Psychology, majoring in Applied Behavior Analysis and Minor Communication. Christopher will attend graduate school to further his research in human behavior and organizational development.

“”Rei Honarema: Graduated from Berkeley Institute, graduated from Bermuda College, earned a degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree. In the fall, he will be in his second year at Georgia State University with a bachelor’s degree in risk management and insurance.

“”Solomon O’Connor: He graduated from the Berkeley Institute in 2022. In the fall, he attends King’s University College at Western University, majoring in finance and earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and histology. He wants to engage in underwriting in the insurance industry.

“”Amelia Ottoman: International Baccalaureate graduated from Bermuda High School in 2022. In September she attended Brock University, studied in France for two years and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Amelia will return to work in Bermuda’s international business industry.

“”Jersey Riley: Graduated from Saltus Grammar School in 2022 and will study actuarial science at the University of Central Florida from January 2023. Meanwhile, Jerzi will continue to work as an intern at ArchRe. She wants to pursue an actuary career in Bermuda.

“”Mika Eskinner: A 2020 Cedar Bridge Academy graduate with an honors degree from Bermuda College. In the fall, Mikae will celebrate her third year at Mount Saint Vincent University. There, she will major in accounting and earn a degree in business administration, after which she will qualify as a certified accountant.

“”Larissa Simmons: I graduated from the Bermuda Institute in 2019. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Oakwood University, after which she will hold a Master’s degree in Finance and Business Administration. She returns to Bermuda and she aims to work as an accountant for reinsurance or accounting firms.

“”Jezhari Talbot: Graduated from the Berkeley Institute in 2022, she was Governor, Vice President of the Student Organization, and CEO of Virtual Enterprise International. She plans to study finance at the University of Reading abroad for a year for Immersion in Spanish.

“”Adrian Trot: After graduating from South Kent School, a preparatory boarding school in Kent, Connecticut, in 2022, Adrian is an excellent student athlete in the classroom and soccer pitch. He is preparing for a first grade at Amherst College to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

“”Jayden Williams-Woodley: After graduating from the Berkeley Institute in 2022, Jayden will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity from Nottingham Trent University this fall. After earning his degree, Jayden will return to Bermuda to begin his cybersecurity career in international business.

“”Aria’s Simon: Graduated from Dartmouth College in June 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies. Next year, Ahria’will attend Northeastern University with a Master’s degree in Global Studies and International Relations and a focus on sustainable development. He believes that the rise of ESG can combine interests in financial services and environmental research.

“”Di’Neasha DeSilva: He graduated from Mount St. Vincent University with an excellent grade, earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, has two majors in accounting and management, and two minors in finance and marketing, and worked full-time as a staff auditor. rice field. Dinisha, who enrolled in CPA Atlantic in 2021, will earn a Master of Business Administration degree from Barry University. “

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