Of all confirmed Covid-19 cases reported since the latest community outbreak on June 18, about 229 had already been discharged as of Thursday yesterday, health officials said.

A total of 1,215 cases were reported, involving people aged 3 months to 100 years, 465 reported Covid symptoms and 750 were asymptomatic.

Since the onset of the outbreak, about 15,374 people have had to make medical observations. These included 1,215 confirmed cases, 2,609 close contacts, 9,696 people on the same itinerary as the confirmed cases, 796 close contacts by secondary pathway, and 332 general contacts. And 726 people are included. Companion.

Health officials also said that persons infected with COVID-19, whether confirmed or asymptomatic, had to be quarantined for 7 days and were negative on two consecutive nucleic acid tests. He states that he will only be discharged if results are obtained. At 24-hour intervals.

‘Even if a positive result is obtained, the CT value must be 35 or higher (CT35 or higher). In most cases, it takes at least 10 days on average to meet these criteria.
In addition, if the infected individual is an individual who has invaded Macau, the quarantine period will never be shorter than the number of days provided for medical observation due to travel history, “said the new Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center. I made it clear.

For non-infected persons who require medical observation due to contact with infected persons or travel history, if the COVID-19 nucleic acid test result is negative during the medical observation period, they may be discharged from quarantine during the medical observation period. It will expire.

If the test result is positive during the medical observation period, isolation discharge can only be permitted if the above discharge criteria are met.

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