SINGAPORE – Two Malaysian men charged with helping a couple allegedly involved in a $32 million luxury goods scam to flee the country said they intend to plead guilty in a district court on Friday. .

The court heard one of the men, Mohamed Alias, 40, could face another future charge for harboring criminals.

Details regarding this potential indictment were not disclosed in court.

There is no additional charge for the second male, Mohammad Fazli Abdul Rahman, age 38.

The two men said in court on August 5 that they intended to plead guilty to the charges.

Both have been remanded and their cases have been postponed to September 16.

Each man now faces two charges of aiding the escape of Singaporean Pi Jiapeng and his Thai wife Pansuk Siriwipa.

According to court documents, Mohammed illegally deported the two from the Tuas checkpoint by allowing them to hide in the container compartment of a Malaysian registered lorry around 7:30 p.m. on July 4. allegedly helped him to leave Singapore on

Fazli is accused of conspiring with him in arranging the suspect’s escape.

Pi and Pansuk, 27, left Singapore after allegedly failing to deliver $32 million worth of goods to customers.

Born in China’s Fujian province, Pi was first arrested by Singapore police on June 27.

His passport was seized and he was released the next day on $15,000 bail.

Pansuk is cooperating with the police investigation and surrendered his passport on June 30.

The couple lost contact and illegally fled Singapore on July 4.

An arrest warrant and Interpol red notice were subsequently issued against the couple.

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