Argo completed all the elapsed time records associated with the Newport Bermuda race in just over 33 hours, making it the first Saturday night finisher in the history of the 635 nautical mile race.

A spokeswoman said, “Jason Carroll. [New York City] The MOD70 Argo crew surpassed all elapsed time records related to the Newport Bermuda race when they completed the 52nd edition on Saturday night at 2320:09. [ADT]..

“Argo’s 33 hours, 0 minutes and 09 seconds elapsed time is more than 30 hours faster than Carroll’s Gunboat 62 Elvis set in the first catamaran division of the 2018 Bermuda race.

“It’s also 1h: 42m: 42s faster than the 100-foot Monoharkomanche open division mark set in the 2016 race, which is 1h: 42m: 42s faster. And it’s the four main races. It’s more than six and a half hours faster than the Rambler 90’s mark of 39 hours and 39 minutes, which won the owner’s George David Schooner Mistress Trophy in 2012 by the division’s Monohal.

“Argo is the first Saturday night finisher in the history of the prestigious Bermuda race, co-sponsored by the American Cruising Club and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

“Carroll’s international crew of owner / skipper on the Argo included Chad Corning. [New Rochelle, New York]Petecoming [Warsash, England]Thierry Foquier [Marseille, France]Boat captain Chris Maxted [Melbourne, Australia]Charlie Ogletree [Seabrook, Texas]Alistair Richardson [Bournemouth, England]And navigator / sailing master Brian Thompson [Cowes, England]..

“This crew is on a lot of boats. We’ve been working together for years,” Corning, a 50-year-old crewman and program manager, said in a pre-race interview. “In shorter 600-mile races, I like to sail at 8 miles. The sails are much easier to handle.”

The Argo crew prepares for the Newport Bermuda race. Credit: Sean McNeill

“Argo sailed about 486 nautical miles 24 hours after the start, averaging 19.24 knots to set a catamaran course record. Argo sailed primarily west of the Ramline, giving a favorable boost towards Bermuda. I took advantage of the meandering of the Gulf Stream that gave me.

“Argo started the Bermuda race on Friday at 1420 ADT. When I saw the boat preparing for the race, I saw the mast leaning significantly to starboard. This was because the crew was Bermuda. It shows that he knew that he would be a starboard tax rogue until he was in sight. At the last 10 miles of the course, he tacked to port and back to starboard to the finish line from St. David Lighthouse. Only two operations were performed.

“In April, Argo set a three-day, fifteen-minute record from Antigua to Newport, five and a half hours shorter than the previous mark set by sister ship Fed. The Bermuda race record was set by Carroll in 2018. This is the sixth course record following the two world records set by Argo since the purchase of Assist Trimaran.

“Argo’s preparations for the Bermuda race included installing a new rudder to replace the broken rudder in April during training in Antigua before a record run to Newport. ..

“We toasted the V2 ladder and replaced it with one of the first versions of the ladder for record runs,” Corning said. “There are two generations of foils and ladders. The new ladder is a direct replacement for the first V2 ladder.

“Argo is as good as MOD70,” Corning continued. “The only development we’re considering is to switch to a flip-up ladder instead of being destroyed. When we hit things, things break, and that’s a problem.

“The overall range is as good as possible in terms of how the foil and ladder work together. The foundation of the V2 foil and ladder is from the 2019 cap size. Need a safer boat. The boat is a little faster in some situations, but overall it’s better because it’s safer and more controlled. “

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