A Texas family is suing a Houston-based doctor after his 4-year-old son underwent an “unintentional vasectomy” during surgery.

According to Randy Sollers, a family injury lawyer, his child was reportedly in the hospital for hernia surgery at the time of the incident. He told Fox4 that some of the procedures involved working near the child’s groin.

The lawyer claimed that the surgeon “cut out the wrong anatomy.”

“Surgeons believe that they accidentally amputated the vas deferens, one of the tubes that carry reproductive semen, which can affect this young man for the rest of his life,” Sorels said. I told the broadcaster.

Vasectomy is commonly required of men as a form of contraception. Surgery is generally a safe outpatient treatment, relatively inexpensive and very effective in preventing pregnancy. Once a permanent procedure, many vasectomys can be undone and, in rare cases, the vas deferens may actually grow together.

Surgeons who operated on the boy had no history of malpractice and had no other negative reports of their work.

Mistakes such as those made in young children are generally very rare due to the safety precautions built into the surgical process.

“That’s not a common mistake,” Sorels said. “Before a doctor cuts or cuts a portion of an anatomy, the doctor is supposed to clearly identify what the anatomy is before cutting.

“Here, the doctor couldn’t pinpoint exactly the anatomy that needed to be amputated. Unfortunately, he amputated the vas deferens. It wasn’t known until he was sent to pathology.”

The lawyer said his and his family’s primary concern was the boy’s health. They are considering options for reversing the procedure, but lawyers said doing so would require boys to undergo more surgery.

“The primary concern of the family is how this affects the child physically, in the ability to have children in the future, and emotionally,” Sorelds said. “”[Along with] You must explain this to potential partners who will have children. “

Sollers fears that a four-year-old child will face fertility problems for the rest of his life.

The Texas Children’s Hospital said in a statement that it was not possible to comment on the incident.

“Texas Children’s Hospital’s top priority is patient health and well-being,” he said. “Due to patient privacy requirements, we cannot comment.”

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