You may want to exercise outdoors during the warmer months, as the temperature is rising and you want to get out as much as you can, so you don’t want to be trapped in the gym.

“There is a lot of research on outdoor exercise, and studies have shown that outdoor training lowers a person’s blood pressure and heart rate,” said Parr, co-founder of OriGym ( Sonal trainer Luke Hughes says. “Therefore, this makes outdoor exercises probably less intense than equivalent indoor exercises, which means you can push yourself harder and possibly achieve more. . “

But what’s the best way to keep up with it? We asked fitness professionals what they recommend, so you can get the most out of both your training and the warm climate …

1. Check out the local parkrun

You can dive into the fun of parkruns in over 750 locations-and it’s free (

Over 2 million people have completed the parkrun and welcome all experience levels. This is a great way to challenge yourself, work out fitness and go outdoors while being part of a friendly community.

“Parkruns are a great way to set a certain amount of time each week to add consistency to your routine, and the community is a great way to do sustainable exercise,” said personal trainer Tyrrell. Grant says. “Events are gamified, which motivates us to improve our time and beat others.”

As Grant explains, “Cardio is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It can also have a positive impact on stress, sleep, blood pressure, and other health indicators.”

2. Check out the local outdoor classes

“Outdoor boot camps and fitness classes are a great way to stay active and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for a particular training style or routine,” Hughes said. increase. Whether it’s a HIIT, yoga, boot camp class.

Who is outdoor yoga? (Alamy / PA)

“Ultimately, boot camps are considered one of the best fitness classes because they connect customers to one goal, so if you want to meet and interact with like-minded people, it’s a great process. “Hughes adds.

Probably a more expensive option, but certainly a relaxing option. Many parks offer yoga classes, and even more exciting, you can try yoga on the rooftop in some cities to get the most out of the sun.

3. Swim outside

Whether it’s your local Lido or a wilder experience, swimming has become a popular fitness option. ‘).

The popularity of outdoor swimming has skyrocketed (Alamy / PA)

Grant states: “Swimming is great because it improves cardiovascular health and is less affected by exercise. Swimming is a good choice if you are recovering from an injury or if your back or knees hurt from exercise such as running.” He adds. “Swimming regularly can improve your general fitness level.”

4. Use what you already have

According to Hughes, “You can make the most of your natural equipment or use the equipment of your local park to create unique and interesting outdoor training. This not only saves you money, but also Training can be confusing and can be fun and rewarding in a variety of ways. “

The simplest equipment can be beneficial. “The humble park bench can be used to perform a variety of exercises. Like a bench in the gym, it tilts or lowers triceps dips, push-ups, squats, box jumps, and Bulgarian split squats. You can, “he suggests.

“A fun way to incorporate a swing into outdoor training is to treat the swing like a Swiss ball. For example, you can do push-ups, buttock bridges, jackknife, rollouts, knee tacks, and hamstring curls.” Hughes adds.

Then head to the Monkey Bar for a great upper body session. “Take your inner child out and jump into the jungle gym in your local park. Exercises you can do at the jungle gym include pull-ups, leg raises, and abdominal muscles.”

5. Hiking

Hughes is also a hiking fan. It’s a great way to get out into the country and pump blood. “Hiking sessions are ideal for those who have a little more time and prefer more scenic daily training,” he says.

Lots of beautiful hiking routes to explore (Alamy / Pennsylvania)

And it has great health benefits. “When walking on a flat surface, only 20% of the leg muscle tissue is used, but one of the benefits of walking on undulating terrain is that it involves far more muscle groups throughout the lower body. Hughes explains. “The calories burned when walking on a slope are significantly longer than the life expectancy when walking on flat ground.”

6. Join a running club

Are you afraid to run on your own? Participating in a running club can further increase your motivation. The club gets busy in the summer as the weather improves.

Flo Seabright, founder of Fit by Flo (, runs a weekly running club and states that there are many benefits. “We love our run club because we have a great opportunity to get together as a community and take on new challenges as a team,” she explains.

“The motivation to go out can be difficult at the best of times, but as a member of the group, everyone can get involved in new things in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, regardless of their individual abilities. . “

Take a look at your local community page to find a running club near you.

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