With QUIZ show University Challenge, I go a very long way back to the very beginning. Actually, first.

His first episode aired on September 21, 1962 in most ITV network territories. 4 days later your episode was really born.

Sadly, this pivotal moment in history 60 year old college challenge (BBC2, Monday), a refreshing documentary that doubles as an anniversary celebration and an acknowledgment of another important and very sad milestone, Jeremy Paxman’s impending departure.

Paxman, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last year, is only the second host in the show’s history to serve as chairman for 28 years. This is three years longer than his predecessor Bamber his Gascoyne, who died in February at the age of 87.

Paxman will record the final series in the fall, with a final batch of episodes coming out next summer, but will continue to work elsewhere on television.

Shows like this devote a good deal of time to the man who started it all, and how his charming personality was so important in making the unabashedly smart quiz show a popular hit. You would imagine Those of us watching at home most often feel intellectually inadequate.


The original host of the University Challenge Bamber Gascoyne

However, Gascoigne was due five minutes after the end.The fact that there are only a handful of episodes university challenges Remaining archives of the original run, which ended in 1987, could of course be a factor.

Still, this documentary shows how Gascoigne — an affable polymath who wore both his learning and his considerable accomplishments — personally checked all the answers, and Griff Rhys Jones Young Ones.

This is not the only selectivity at work here. What many consider to be a typical British TV series was actually based on an American TV series. college bowl Didn’t warrant a mention.

Many controversies over the years have been zealously ignored. For example, how Oxford’s 2009 final-winning Corpus Christie College was stripped of its title when it was revealed that members of the team weren’t actually students at the time. There was no mention of Dropped out of his doctoral program and eventually.

He and Paxman apparently had a rubber band fight between recording sessions. Did Paxo ever want to give the evasive politicians he once bitterly criticized a little thrashing?

The trophy was awarded to runners-up, the University of Manchester. Perhaps someone decided that bringing all this up would spoil the inherently bouncy, upbeat mood.

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Paxman, who keenly felt behind the Quizmaster’s desk, was not interviewed, but he was admired by various admirers. did. — uttered when a contestant gave an incorrect answer to the occasional simple question — as “the longest modulation of cynicism ever heard on British broadcasts”.

Roger Teeling has been the show’s distinctive voice for the past 20 years, streaming his bits live on every edition while perched in a small ‘pigeon box’ a few yards from the stage. made it clear.

He and Paxman apparently had a rubber band fight between recording sessions. Did Paxo ever want to give the evasive politicians he once bitterly criticized a little thrashing? news night.

Past contestants, including Mark Lovett and Jenny Ryan, are now famous for quiz shows tracking, seemed to be talking about how being on the show could be life-changing.

Ryan said his winning stint helped him get through the mental health issues he struggled with in college.

The first Asian woman to participate, Sandia Narayan Swami, who grew up enduring terrible racist abuse in the 1970s, credits the program as “helping me regain my true self.”

Some people said. college challenge Often brought unwanted celebrities.

Gail Trimble, who had a record-breaking 15 starter correct answers in one show, nicknamed her “Human Google.” nuts And an invitation to Lorraine Kelly’s TV show for a makeover.

They never asked Eric Monkman to do so.

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