Health officials pointed out that authorities would only ponder the possibility of implementing a 7 + 7 system after conducting an analysis of how the current 10 + 7 medical observation system has progressed.

The new 10 + 7 entry policy changes will take place approximately one month after the medical observation period was reduced from the 21 + 7 system to 14 + 7 on May 16.

Dr. Leong Iek Hou, coordinator of the new Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center, said yesterday (Thursday) that the mandatory hotel quarantine period was shortened to 10 days and seven more health self-administrations were performed on the Sars Omicron variant. He explained that it was because the incubation period of the body was short. CoV-2 begins to appear in a shorter period of time and can be detected within 7 days by nucleic acid testing.

“After analyzing recent experience in mainland China and data from Macau, the territory is in a position to implement a 10-day reduction in quarantine. Within this reduction, seven nucleic acid tests are currently in place. Included on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th of the medical observation period, “Dr. Leong said at a weekly Pandemic update press conference.

“Even after completing medical observations, you still need to monitor your health for 7 days. During that time, people will undergo 5 nucleic acid tests, which will extend the incubation period and the final case. Can be detected. “

Dr. Leon also explained that the method of calculating the quarantine period is the same as the existing one. In other words, the date of entry into Macau is considered to be the zero day, and the day after the date of entry is considered to be the first day. ..

Therefore, if someone enters Macau on July 1, the first day is considered July 2, and the tenth observation date is July 11.

For the 14 + 7 system, individuals undergoing medical observation had to undergo a nucleic acid test on day 13.

If negative nucleic acid results were obtained, they were able to leave the hotel on the 14th day.

The 10 + 7 program has reduced the number of days of medical observation, so nucleic acid test collection is scheduled for the final day to prevent and minimize risk, and people observing will leave the hotel immediately. I can. You will get negative results.

In order for these people to complete the isolation as quickly as possible, the entity responsible for performing the nucleic acid test is responsible for individuals who complete 10 days of medical observation in the shortest possible time. Start collecting nucleic acid test samples. The morning of the 10th day.

If the result of this test is negative, on the same day the hotel and other entities will immediately address the procedure to complete the quarantine of these people.

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