In 2015, Grétar Gústavsson and Karl Friðriksson orbited Iceland on a 1963 Massey Ferguson 35X tractor to raise funds for Vinátta (“Friendship”), Save the Children Iceland’s anti-bullying project. But at that time, a lifelong friend skipped the Westfjords. Visír reports that he was challenged to complete a complete tractor journey by orbiting the peninsula in seven days.

The pair will depart from Staðarskáli, the beloved road trip resting place in northwestern Iceland, on Wednesday, July 13, and will end 950km. [590 mi] We will sail at Hvanneyri on Wednesday, July 20th. They are accompanied by Vinátta’s purple teddy bear mascot, Blær, on a trip, with all three greeting Westfjord Kindergarten along the way.

“It’s important to have a dream”

Karl and Grétar have been friends for 60 years. Their lives have led them to different paths. Gretal is an auto mechanic, farm equipment and vintage car enthusiast, and Karl is the managing director of the Icelandic Future Research Center, but their friendship remains undiminished. The ’63 Massey Ferguson 35X tractor symbolizes them because they were imaginative tractors when they grew up in Fitjardalur, northwestern Iceland. When the first arrived in the countryside, it “likely Rolls-Royce was driven to the farm.”

“Having dreams is important for people, young and old,” Grétar said. “Dreams can come true in many ways. This can be better than the original version. The main thing is to work on your dreams and give them your life to the extent that makes sense. To guide the flow of. “

Donate to the cause

After a 2015 tractor trip, Karl and Gretal further supported Vinatta by publishing a picture book. Ferguson’s Friend: A trip around the country against bullying. All revenue went directly to the cause. This trip will also support Save the Children Iceland’s anti-bullying project. To donate, send a text message (in Iceland) containing the message “Barnaheill” to 1900 and donate kr automatically. 1,900. You can also make a donation from the Save the Children Iceland website page.

The itinerary for Gretal and Karl is as follows:

July 13: From Staðarskáli to Hólmavík

July 14: From Hólmavík to Hamar

July 15: From Hamar to Ogle

July 16: ÖgurtoÍsafjörður

July 17: From Etherfjordur to Beer Dudar

July 18: From Bíldudalur to Flókalundur

July 19: From Flókalundur to Reykhólar / Hríshóli

July 20: From Reykhólar to Hvanneyri

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