Airlines are largely responsible for why flying is so uncomfortable. They overbook flights, cramming passengers into seats with only inches of legroom.

It’s up to us, the passengers, too.

We stopped seeing the flight as a glamorous event worth dressing up for and it became a stressful and unpleasant experience.

This guide is perfect for passengers who need a refresher on in-flight etiquette.

1. Don’t get involved in mobs

You are sitting at the gate, doing your best to have peace at the airport.

But for some, it doesn’t matter when boarding begins. They descend into the boarding zone like a flock of hyenas encroaching on a fresh corpse.

Don’t be part of the “mob”. Become a civilized person in society and wait until the boarding group is called.

While it’s great to be ready to leave early for your flight, it’s natural to worry about filling up your overhead storage space, but if you can’t fly yet, chill out your jet and wait. please.

2. Know your seating rules

Seating etiquette depends on your seat assignment. What’s true for window and aisle seats isn’t true for the poor one in the middle seat.

So I’ll break it down for you.

If you are in the aisle, your job is to be the gracious gatekeeper to allow other passengers to enter and exit the queue.

If you are at a window, you have the final say in raising or lowering the shade, except at the direction of the flight attendant, but be careful when the sun’s rays are burning your fellow travelers’ corneas. please.

And if you’re in the middle, sorry. This assignment is like picking the shortest straw.

However, as a reward, you get both armrests.

What you don’t get is permission sprawling. Keep your feet in the lane and not droop over your neighbor’s shoulders.

3. Keep your shoes on, or at least wear socks

We all know that flying is uncomfortable and leaves your feet swollen. It’s nice to unpack and bring out the pacifier. But being on a plane is being in public, and public is dirty.

As podiatrist and star of the TLC series My Feet Are Killing Me, Ebony Vincent, said, walking barefoot in public places such as airport security and on airplane carpets can lead to infections and warts. Travelers may be exposed to fungi, bacteria and viruses that can cause rashes.

Remember, even if you don’t feel uncomfortable going barefoot on an airplane, it can be offensive to those around you. Do them a favor and at least wear socks for the occasion and keep your feet away from the armrests.

And for the love of God, don’t go barefoot to the washroom.

4. Think Before You Recline

Reclining airplane seats is another heated argument among travelers that drives people to violence… literally.

It is true that you can use it freely because you have paid for it, but there are manners. Before you fold the seat back for an extra 2 inches of lean, see who’s sitting behind you.

are you a little one? Recline wildly. Are you someone whose knees are already crammed into the seat? Anyone working with a laptop on a tray table? Do them firmly and don’t recline.

5. Leave egg salad at home

Be careful of the food you bring on your flight.

Food aromas are subjective. You might love the smell of steamed Brussels sprouts, but the rest of the plane might have a different take.

Also, think about what it would be like to eat food in a fight. Soup? Soup is no good. Soup can drip everywhere.

When dining, keep common manners in mind. Do you drop food on the floor at your friend’s house and leave it there until they pick it up?

As flight attendants walk down the aisle, please hand over any trash you can. Avoid licking your fingers as you will be touching a shared surface, especially in times of coronavirus.

6. Find your best sleeping position

There is no best way to sleep on an airplane. However, there are many ways. Remember. No one wants a stranger sleeping on their shoulder to wake up mouth breathing.

7. Don’t worry, wear a mask

Masking – on planes or otherwise – is a divisive issue that can provoke intense emotions on both sides of the debate.

If you don’t want to wear a mask on the plane and there are no rules requiring masks, that’s fine. But don’t make fun of people who still wear masks. Leave them alone as they are concerned about the spread and spread of the coronavirus.

If they ask you to wear a mask for any reason – you may have an immunocompromised family member at home – consider their request with empathy.

8. Grooming should be done at home, not at your desk

You have a lot of free time on the plane, but you don’t have to do the grooming you forgot at home. Nail clippers and floss can wait until they land.

If you’re really desperate, you’ll have to go to the bathroom to get yourself groomed. However, as with food, avoid strongly scented foods.

9. Wait your turn to get off the plane

Congratulations, your plane landed successfully. Clap if that’s your thing. But know that waiting in line before stepping into the aisle is an unspoken rule of the plane. It just goes smoother.

You’re probably cramped and in pain, so it’s natural to want to jump up and stretch your legs. Unless you do, it is possible.

If someone is sitting in front of you, be careful not to jump out of your chair by roughing up their chair. They don’t need whiplash.

Worried about missing your connecting flight? Please keep that stress in mind the next time you book your trip. Book a seat closer to the front of the plane.

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