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A 27-year-old man who thought he had been duped by HDB’s BTO system was looking for a girl to “marry on paper” on social media.

In an anonymous post on the popular confession page SGWhispers entitled “HDB bTO Investment Plan,” the 27-year-old wrote: Each of us pays his 50% of his bto and intimate r/s is irrelevant.

In a paragraph long sentence, the man outlined that since the newlyweds weren’t in a real relationship after that, each was free to date the other and bring them back home. They can purchase made-to-order products (BTO) Flat. Once the HDB minimum working period (MOP) expires, he wrote that he would sell the apartment, divide the proceeds equally and file for divorce.

“Is this legal? Is it realistic to find a girl willing to jump into this ‘investment’ scheme as well?”

He added that he came up with this plan because he couldn’t bear living with his family and wanted to move out as soon as possible. was below

Here are all the holes netizens found in his plan:

Earlier this year, a girl in a four-and-a-half-year relationship asked netizens for advice after her boyfriend, who had applied for a BTO flat, blocked her and lost contact.

The girlfriend, who is fed up with him constantly saying he wants him to break up, wrote in an anonymous post on popular confession page NUSWhispers on March 9 that, despite the odds, she wants a future with him. However, she added that her boyfriend was always criticizing her and that she was easily influenced by her friends and social media.

“He always calls me an addict. No matter where he blocks me, I always try to communicate with him and see him,” she wrote.

She explained that he gave her the cold shoulder and ignored her. I couldn’t leave my boyfriend because I was doing it./TISG

Girl says her boyfriend to whom she applied BTO flat blocked her, lost contact, asks for advice

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