Hans Zimmer says the circus theme will be a fitting soundtrack to the political turmoil within Britain over the last few months.

The 65-year-old Oscar-winning composer has written music for numerous movies including The Lion King, Gladiator, The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, Dune and many more. I came.

Describing how the score captures the current state of British politics, he told PA News Agency:

Oscar-, Grammy- and Golden Globe-winning composer Hans Zimmer performs at London’s O2 Arena (James Manning/PA)

“I think we need a good circus theme. can do.

A German composer joked that if the post of Chancellor became vacant again, he would apply because he “knows nothing”.

“The other thing is that I am a foreigner, so Brexit won’t let me do anything, but I have a better chance of running this country than anyone else,” he added.

Mr Zimmer, who has lived and worked in Britain for many years, said he loved the country but questioned recent political developments, particularly the Brexit decision, which he said was “totally selfish”. .

He said: “I don’t really believe in isolationism.

“Musicians get together and play together. One thing people often forget is not how well they play, but how well they listen to each other.

“And it’s playful, which means the manipulative language of music is played. Whether you’re a musician or a government minister, it doesn’t matter. Be a little gentler.”

Hans Zimmer: A new BBC documentary titled Hollywood Rebel explores the 40-year career of the hugely popular film composer and how he brings this playfulness, suspense and terror into his music. Find out what you’re incorporating into

Told by Zimmer and a star-studded list of Hollywood directors he’s worked with, including Christopher Nolan and Sir Steve McQueen, it traces his life from post-war Germany to Hollywood royalty .

The composer revealed that when he first started in the industry, he was on a mission to protect the orchestra.

He told PA:

“So there are a lot of things that can be said about Hollywood. How despicable, how brutal. Of course, they’re all absolutely utterly true, but one thing you can’t take away from Hollywood is, every hour, new orchestral music.” to commission.

“I want kids who want to do music to have the opportunity to actually make a living out of it.”

The composer feels that his current intentions for his music are “provocative” and that his most provocative works to date are projects with Sir David Attenborough, including Frozen Planet II and Planet Earth II.

Speaking of veteran broadcaster and environmentalist Sir David, Zimmer said:

“If we didn’t share it the right way, if we weren’t careful about it, about this wonderful love we’ve come to have with this world…

“We are already in big trouble. We have reached a very important point, but it is very simple, it is up to us.

Zimmer added that she hopes to help highlight the importance of the planet.

“It’s not about saying the right thing or blaming people or bullying them into behaving the way you do. It’s just about being careful. Look around. It’s a beautiful world.”

Hans Zimmer: Hollywood Rebel is available on BBC iPlayer.

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