Courts have heard that a couple who forced a vulnerable Nigerian woman to “forced labor” in a home in eastern Belfast will be convicted of slavery violations later this month.

sarobo’John’ Izekor (36) and his 29-year-old wife Precious Izekor also have to pay the victim £ 10,000 in compensation.

A couple with an address in Ashmount Gardens, Lisburn, said that they “needed another person to perform forced labor or forced labor” from September 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. Admitted.

Victims were forced to do household chores, but most of the crimes committed by Izecol were unpaid childcare.

The case, heard in the Belfast Criminal Court, was one of the first indictments under the Trafficking and Exploitation Act (NI) in 2015.

The couple admitted that they had kept a Nigerian woman as a livestock slave for 10 months at the then Castle Lee Place house in Belfast.

Barrister Charles McCleaner said the illiterate woman arrived in Northern Ireland in 2011 and worked as a nanny for five years.

When her employer returned to Nigeria in the fall of 2016, she moved to Castle Lee Place and was told that money would be returned to her family for the work she did.

During the 10-month crime period, the woman had her own room and was given food and clothing, but no money was paid.

In addition, Izekor had a passport and other documents, but she did not have access to them.

While living with Izekors, MacCreanor said the woman wanted to contact John’s relatives and return to Nigeria so they could get married.

This relative asked the woman about her paperwork and visa status, and discussions arose when she raised this issue in Precious.

Despite her request for paperwork, they were not handed over to the woman and the debate led to a “deterioration of relationships.”

Following this, the woman tried to find her passport and other documents when Precious Izekor was out. A few days later she left Izekor and stayed with her friend.

The court heard that the friend was worried about the woman and felt she was being exploited and accompanied her to the Interior Ministry.

When a home office employee called Izekor’s house, Precious was asked about the woman and denied knowing her.

Investigations have begun that resulted in the involvement of PSNI and the subsequent arrests of both John and Precious Izekor.

In a police interview, John Izecol initially denied cheating and claimed to keep the woman at home and help her.

In her interview, Precious told executives that the woman was a family friend and was not required to do any form of work or work.

MacCreanor said there was a text message between her husband and wife stating that they were in control of the woman while she lived with them.

He also said she spoke to the police about her trials, the woman said she felt isolated and lonely while she lived with the couple.

Barrister Barry Gibson, a barrister on behalf of John Ikesor, said his client had spent three months remanding after his arrest.

He also talked about Izecol’s college education, extensive work experience, and his clear criminal record.

Gavan Duffy, a valuable Izecor barrister, revealed that there was once a good relationship between the two women, saying there was a complete lack of violence and physical assault.

After hearing submissions from both the King and Defense, Judge Richard Green QC said he would like to talk about the complexity of the case and consider some issues before passing the ruling.

After Izekors was previously told to submit £ 10,000 to the court to act as a guarantor of bail, the judge ordered the money to be paid to the women they had as domestic slaves.

Judge Green told the couple that the allegations they pleaded guilty were “a very serious crime” and released them by continuing bail prior to the upcoming decision on June 27. ..

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