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After waiting six hours for their order to be processed by Foodpanda, the customer had to speak to multiple company representatives for follow-up, to no avail.

A member of the Facebook group Complaint Singapore expressed disappointment with the platform on Thursday (September 1), pointing out that this is not the way to serve customers.

Members of the group were ordering flavored syrups for coffee available on the Foodpanda app.

The estimated delivery time was around 1pm on August 31st. But nothing arrived until 2:00 p.m., when the customer started chatting with the company’s agents about updates.

“So after trying multiple times to check the order status on live chat, they said the order had already been placed.We need to be a little more patient to wait for the order,” said the original poster. I got

After following up for another 6 hours, nothing had arrived and the customer requested a cancellation.

Foodpanda ultimately said the order was for the store and delivery was assigned to the merchant side. It was useless.

“I was really upset about this whole situation. I spent almost half a day yesterday chatting with over 15 representatives. Not even my item was sent!”

“Here is the best! So when I requested to cancel the order and choose a refund, the representative said that the only option was to cancel the order, but unfortunately, as this is a systematic order, , refunds cannot be processed. The funds have already been released to the merchant, but the item has not been sent!”

The customer then contacted Foodpanda management directly, prompting them to call more representatives. Still, they all confirmed that they were unable to process the refund.

“I don’t understand why you bothered to call me when there is no solution,” exasperated the customer. She added that she could hear laughter in her background as she explained her situation.

Around midnight, she received three callbacks from Foodpanda, but no one spoke to them. The call was immediately hung up.

“I don’t know if they’re still buying time or just wanting to keep a record, but the line wasn’t reachable,” the customer wondered.

“24 hours after the incident we are still waiting. Time and money wasted.It is our hard earned money! I need a refund!” said the customer.

Netizens have commented that they themselves have experienced similar incidents while using the platform. “Food Panda is the worst. Fortunately, he’s only used it twice, and he can’t succeed twice,” said his Facebook user Fan Zi Hao.

independent singapore has reached out to Foodpanda for a statement and will update the article accordingly./TISG

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