It was confirmed that a local 87-year-old woman died after “falling” from the Rua Nortedo Patane building.

Judicial police spokeswoman Ray Hong Nei said the fire department reported yesterday at 9:56 am that the woman had died after “falling from a height”. Ray added that the building cleaner found a victim lying in the parking lot on the third floor of the building earlier that morning.

Ray said the victim lived alone in a building apartment and she often told her family about her misfortune, leading to depression.

The victim called his family at 8 am and told him he was suffering from neighbor rumors. After that, she took the elevator alone to the upper floors and walked to the back stairs of the building. She is believed to have fallen from the window of the stairs.

No suicide note was found at the scene.

Preliminary physical examination showed that the injury was consistent with a fall from a height. There were no suspected criminal injuries on the body.

The exact cause of death will be confirmed after forensic examination, Macau Post Daily reported.

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