The new documentary tells the story of a Nazi professor, who is rumored to be a spy who lived in the small village of Donegal-Gerta pigeon, Teelin, and its location as part of a blueprint for a possible invasion of Ireland. I will talk.

It may sound like a fictional story of a wartime plot, but veteran investigative journalist Kevin Magee reveals the true double life of Irish linguist Dr. Ludwig Mühlhausen. did.

In the Nazi Gaeltacht airing on the TG4 on Wednesday, June 22nd at 9:30 pm, Maggie investigates what he was actually doing in Donegal’s Gaeltacht in 1937 for World War II. To do. ..

Maggie follows Mühlhausen’s journey in a one-hour documentary produced by Macha Media with the support of the Irish Broadcasting Fund of the Northern Ireland Screen.

Professor Mühlhausen completed his knowledge of Irish in a small Irish-speaking village of Teelin and used it to broadcast German propaganda to Ireland during World War II.

In an astonishing journey, Maggie traces his footsteps back to Berlin, revealing “the shocking truth about Sir Hoho in Gaelic and the German scholar who became a decorated SS officer.”

Maggie has heard stories of Nazi spies who have been active in Teelin, South Donegal since he himself began visiting the area more than 40 years ago.

Like Mr Maggie, Mühlhausen went there to perfect his Irish, but the locals were always skeptical of the real reason the Germans visited. Mühlhausen does not keep secret the fact that he is a devoted Nazi, the locals are not enterprising, Germany lacks efficiency, and they do not use the land and sea around them as they wish. He publicly expressed his despair.

Kevin Magee of the Houses of Parliament in Berlin.

Maggie said: “I wanted to know if the Nazi story in Gaeltacht was true, so I started investigating, talking to locals, asking questions, and investigating various sources. I was able to put together this wonderful story one by one. When I started my journey, I never thought I could see how enthusiastic Mühlhausen was for the entire Nazi project. Except for the fact that this story is real, the plot is secondary. It can be read like a world war thriller. “

Two years after his visit, the same locals who promoted his stay in Teelin were surprised to hear him broadcasting Nazi propaganda in Ireland from a Berlin radio station. Conducted in Ireland.

In this one-hour documentary, Maggie brings to life a part of Donegal’s history that has never been told before, with interviews with historians, locals in Tee Lynn, and military experts.

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