A € 25 million battery storage project aimed at strengthening the role of renewable energy in Ireland has been launched in Monaghan.

The 60 MW facility is located in Lisdrum Door and is the company’s second and largest battery storage project by global company RWE Renewables.

According to the company, Ireland aims to increase its reliance on renewable energies such as wind and solar energy, allowing rapid power supply to the grid and balancing the intermittent power generation. It is a facility where you can do it.

It also provides short-term backup to deal with power outages in Ireland and maintain a more stable and secure power supply.

RWE Renwables Ireland’s first 8.5 MW project is located in Balbriggan, Dublin and went live in April last year.

Managing Director Cathal Hennessy said:

“Ireland is a great starting point for RWE renewable energy as it aims to expand and grow its battery storage technology business and become a key partner in Ireland’s low carbon energy transformation.”

Hennessy said the facility is an important step in helping Ireland reach its future energy goals.

“In the first half of 2020, Ireland’s onshore wind power plants generated almost 37% of the country’s electricity demand, making Ireland an important market for onshore wind,” he said.

“Ireland has set a goal of producing 80 pc of renewable energy by 2030.

“With the introduction of battery storage like Lisdrumdoagh, we can respond quickly to frequency changes and import or export power from the grid as needed to effectively stabilize the grid while providing reliable power to the user. We can guarantee the supply. “

RWE Renewables came to Ireland in 2016 and has offices in the city of Kilkenny and Dun Laoghaire in Dublin.

He also operates a 10 MW Dromadda Beg onshore wind farm in Kelly and has submitted a plan application for a 62 MW onshore wind farm on the Cork border.

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