Singapore: A former Singtel employee was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison on Tuesday (June 14th) for tricking a friend into signing up for a mobile plan and handing over the phone he received.

During the bail for these crimes, Aloysius Nah Ming Yuan also masqueraded as a woman in a dating app, tricking two men into paying for sexual services and tricking carousel sellers.

The 28-year-old woman was found guilty of 10 misconducts and was sentenced to 16 more.

The court heard that Nah was working as a customer service officer at Singtel.

In 2017, Nah decided to trick his friends into signing up for mobile service plans with various carriers.

He lied that his friends wouldn’t charge him and asked him to give him the phone he received by signing the contract.

He also said signing up for a mobile plan would help Singtel achieve its sales quota as an employee. This wasn’t true because he was fired in September 2017.

Nah received a total of 35 mobile phones from 11 victims in 2017. This is equivalent to about S $ 39,000.

The victim was charged by the telephone company, paid a fee of about S $ 32,000, and was unpaid about S $ 12,000.

Nah made a partial refund of S $ 10,000 on September 29, 2019.

Carousel scam

In December 2019, Nah was released on bail for a telco fraud, but was angry again by tricking a carousel seller.

The victim provided a service to pay the client online in exchange for a fee.

Na contacted the victim in the carousel and stated that she would need to make two online bank transfers totaling S $ 2,850 for business purposes. The transfer was actually a betting-related purpose.

The victim made the transfer. Na did not refund or pay her for this, and he did not intend to do so, court documents said.

According to court documents, he was only tracked after police conducted various screenings with carousels, Google, and so on.

Na did not return anything to the victim.

Sexual service fraud

At some point before March 2021, Nah used photos of women he found online to disguise himself as a woman named “Xiaohui” on Tinder and OkCupid.

Using these accounts, Na talked to a stranger who was interested in dating.

According to court documents, he moved the conversation to another messaging platform.

He suggested having a sexual relationship with them and then told them that they needed money to solve personal costs and family problems.

“Throughout the period, the victim worked under the impression that he was a woman named” Xiaohui “who was looking for a sexual relationship with them,” a court document said.

Over eight times in March and April 2021, Na tricked two men into sending him a total of S $ 2,650.

In total, he tricked victims of about S $ 3,700 through this scam. He paid S $ 500 in damages.

Penalties for cheating are up to 10 years in prison and fines.

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