2021 Westlight Tucan situation post

MOM quoted an example. This is a Facebook post written by Zakir on October 16th last year about the living conditions of the Westlight Tucan dormitory.

There is serious security in the dormitory on October 13, 2021, as MOM investigated allegations of violations of the COVID-19 health protocol, lack of access to medical assistance, and poor quality catered food in the dormitory. had.

Then, on November 1, 2021, Senior Minister of Human Resources Ko Po Kuhn said in parliament that there were “defects by all parties” in the circumstances surrounding the October 13 case.

“Mr. Zakir called Singapore’s migrant workers” labor slaves “and our dormitories” labor camps. ” He also claimed that soldiers and armored vehicles surrounded the dormitory, Westlight Tucan, “said MOM.

Calling Zakir’s post a “wrong characterization,” MOM said police officers were waiting near the dormitory as a precautionary measure.

“They never surrounded or hired workers there. Rather, MOM officers and dorm staff hired workers to address their concerns. Armored cars, as well as soldiers. I wasn’t around. “

The Ministry of Personnel said Mr. Zakir approved a post from “Workers in Westlight Tucan,” but he never lived there.

“Mr. Zakir’s false statement could incite migrant workers in Westlight Tucan and elsewhere, inspire their emotions and cause public turmoil. Fortunately, Westlight Tucan’s actual Residents learned that MOMs, employers, and dormitory operations were serious about dealing with them. There was a problem and they were calm. “

MOM said it had “significant struggles” to protect the well-being of migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with other government agencies.

“We reduce the risk of infection for migrant workers, provide effective immunization to all at the same time as Singaporeans, provide comprehensive and timely medical support, and during circuit breakers when they cannot work. Made sure to be paid.

“As a result of our efforts and the cooperation of migrant workers, we have kept the COVID-19 mortality rate of migrant workers living in dormitories low. There are only two people, and no one after that. “

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