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After completing a two-year contract with her employer, the foreign domestic worker continued to apply for jobs in Europe. Because of her application process, her employer was unable to hire another maid or transfer her to another employer.

Employers in difficult situations took to social media to ask others for help, with anonymous posts on the Singapore Facebook group FDW (Working Conditions Forum). She writes that after her two-year contract with her helper, she notified her that she had applied to work in Europe.

The helper must be in Singapore for the visa application process. So no one knows when the appointment date will be,” the employer wrote.

In her post, the employer added: Don’t transfer her to another employer knowing she won’t be working full time for her two years. This is unfair to new employers. “

She also added that she and her husband are full-time working parents and said, “We can take annual leave this year to train new helpers, but not next year, so we’re planning to take a year off at the end of November this year.” We need a new helper by then,” he added.

She asked other netizens for suggestions on what she should do. Here’s what they said:

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