Three men have been charged in the United States for possessing more than $ 1 million (£ 840,000) of handwritten notes owned by one of the founding members of the Eagles, Don Henley.

According to Rosecaters, Glen Horowitz, 66, Craig Insialdi, 58, and Edward Kocinski, 59, had their documents containing the lyrics of songs from the band’s famous Hotel California album stolen. He knew that.

According to the New York District Attorney’s Office, the man attempted to sell the manuscript, created a fake provenance, and lied to law enforcement agencies about the auction house, potential buyers, and the source of the material.


Glenn Horowitz (left), Craig Inshardy, and Edward Kocinski appear in criminal court after being charged with a plot containing handwritten notes from the famous Eagles album (John Mincillo / AP). ..

They also allegedly engaged in “a year-long campaign to prevent Henry from recovering the manuscript.”

The manuscript contained lyrics from Eagle songs such as Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, and New Kid in Town.

DA’s office said they were originally stolen by a writer hired to write a band’s biography in the late 1970s.

In 2005, the biographer sold the documents to a rare book dealer, Horowitz, who sold them to Inciardi and Kosinski.


2JDP0HT Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. June 22, 2022. Eagles will perform live at Murrayfield Stadium as part of Hotel California, USA. ,. Current band members: Don Henley-Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Rhythm Guitar Joe Walsh-Leads and Rhythm Guitars, Backing and Lead Vocals, Keyboard Timothy B. Schmidt-Bass Guitars, Backing and Lead Vocals, Harmonica Vince Gill – Rhythm Lead Guitar, Backing, Lead Vocals Current Tour Musician Scott F. Credits: Alan Rennie / Alamy Live News

When Henry learned that Initial D and Kocinski were about to sell part of the manuscript, he filed a police report, told the defendant that the material had been stolen, and demanded the return of his property. did.

Horowitz, Inciardi, and Kosinksi were charged with one of the fourth plots in a New York Supreme Court indictment.

Inciardi and Kosinski were also charged with criminal possession of property stolen in their first degree.

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Horowitz was charged with two charges: a first attempt to possess a stolen property in a criminal case and a second attempt to prevent prosecution.


Eagles Famous Hotel California Album (Alamy / PA)

“New York is a world-class hub of art and culture, and people working with cultural artifacts must obey the law closely,” said District Attorney Bragg.

“There is no room for those who ignore the basic expectations of fair dealing and seek to undermine public confidence and trust in our cultural trade for their own purposes.

“These defendants tried to store and sell these unique and valuable manuscripts, even though they knew they were not entitled to do so.

“They have created a story about the source of the documents and the right to own them so that they can make a profit.”

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