Singapore: A 23-year-old man was imprisoned for 12 weeks on Tuesday (June 7) for threatening to upload a nude video of his ex-girlfriend who was borrowing money.

Men cannot be named because it can lead to identity verification of victims protected by the Gag Order. She is in her early twenties.

He pleaded guilty to one crime threatening to distribute intimate images and recordings of women without her consent.

The pair was involved from 2018 to 2021. Victims were lending money to men to pay off his debt and continued to do so even after they broke up in January last year.

Last July, the man agreed to gradually repay the victim in monthly installments. According to her, he had borrowed over S $ 12,700 as of December last year.

On December 10, 2021, the victim sent the criminal a text message about payments for the month he did not make. They began discussions and said the man would no longer repay the victims.

He said that if the victim posted about him online, he would also post about her online and threaten to upload images and recordings showing her nudity and partial nudity.

Then he sent her two recordings in the shower and seven images of her in her underwear. The victim’s face could be seen in the recording and some images.

The man said the victim was willing to lend the money, and it was “his job” to return it, court documents said.

The victim was shocked to see the images and recordings taken without her consent.

In a relationship, the man went to the bathroom once or twice while taking a shower and shook the phone, but the victim told him not to take pictures.

According to court documents, the woman was frightened and distressed because she believed her ex-boyfriend would deal with his threats. She called the police that night.

A few days later, the man deleted the images and recordings. One of the images was found on his phone when police later screened his electronics. He hadn’t uploaded any material online.

Prosecutors demanded a three- to four-month prison, claiming that the man had committed a crime maliciously, and that it was an attempt to intimidate the victim and abandon her debt claim.

The man was imprisoned for up to five years and could have been fines, caning, or any combination of these penalties.

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