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The Sogn og Fjordane district court sentenced a man in his 40s to two years and nine months in prison for abusing his daughter. The man appealed the verdict.

Abuse occurred in 2016 when the girl was under the age of 14. Her father is in his forties. The incident was reported after the girl’s sister wrote a school agenda on abuse, the newspaper Firda wrote.

The girl actually decided to cause an incident “in the grave with her,” but she recognized herself in the story of her sister and was afraid that the same thing would happen to her.

The indictment was issued in December and the case was dealt with in the Sogun Ofiyolane District Court last month.

The father claims that the accusation is not based on reality.

“He announced his verdict before the weekend and appealed on the spot,” male advocate Ival Hauge told the newspaper Bergens Tidende.

In addition to imprisonment, he was sentenced to pay 275,000 Norwegian kroner as compensation for his daughter.

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