From Singapore-A 23-year-old man was injured on Saturday (June 4) with a 20 cm tactical harpoon, and police found him carrying a weapon and bleeding heavily.

Police said they were warned about the stabbed incident at Ming Arcade on 21 Cuscaden Road at around 4:37 am.

The man was conscious when he was taken to the hospital It is currently in a stable condition.

Police arrested two perpetrators, ages 22 and 28, identified by follow-up and surveillance footage.

They will be prosecuted in court on Monday. If convicted, any combination of imprisonment, fines, caning, or penalties of up to 7 years is possible.

One of the men involved in the harpoon assault was also involved in another crime the same morning.

At around 8:45 am, police were warned by a parang-armed man at Labrador Park.

The man was accompanied by a 19-year-old accomplice, who fled the scene before police arrived.

A 19-year-old boy was arrested after being identified with the help of surveillance footage.

He will be charged with possession of weapons on Monday. If convicted, he faces up to three years in prison and six or more cans.

After arresting these three men, police arrested another seven men on suspicion of being involved in the assault of the Ming Arcade.

All 10 men are suspected of being members of an illegal gang.

Further investigations are currently underway on all 10 men.

Police said they would not tolerate any brave acts of violence or explicit disregard of the law.

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