Singapore: A 34-year-old man accused of molesting his daughter states that she lied, was poorly behaved, and was often disciplined.

These disciplinary actions, including the threat of robbing her “privilege,” were one of the reasons he believed she constituted a claim against him, and the man was his own on Thursday (June 16). I testified at the trial.

The man faces five charges of using criminal forces to offend his daughter’s humility. Deputy Prosecutor Sarah Siau is proceeding with one prosecution for the trial.

The identities of both the accused and the victim are protected by the Gag Order.

On ongoing suspicion, the man pulled up his daughter’s shirt to be modest while wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset on the bed in his room between July and November 2018. He has been accused of resentment. She was a girl at the time of 12 years old.

The man stood on Thursday for about five hours and was asked by defense lawyer Ashwin Ganapathy about his relationship with the victim.

The man said the girl was “an apple in my eyes.” However, according to him, their relationship went downhill in 2017 and worsened in 2019.

“I was scolded much more often because of her attitude. She was rude,” he said, adding that he was “more lying.”

Asked for an example, he told the court when the girl allegedly stayed with a friend and stole money from her mother and grandmother after claiming to return home directly from school.

He said he had spoken, slapped, and guilty of punishing his daughter on such occasions.

After seeing a lawyer, the man also admitted that he had hit the girl’s stomach once she escaped from the house.

“At that time, I was very angry that she had run away from home. I was very tired of work. Moreover, after meeting her, she looked at me and still wanted to run away from home. I was running away.

“That’s where I really couldn’t control my emotions,” he said.

However, in contrast to the victim’s teacher who testified that the girl had told him, he denied hitting the girl with a motorcycle helmet.

The man also described two specific opportunities to discipline victims in the days leading up to his arrest on January 15, 2020.

He said the victims returned home late a few days before their arrest. When her parents asked where she was, she said she was in school.

But the man said his wife later learned that the girl was spending time out of school with her friends.

The man said the girl continued to deny this when she was asked and raised her voice, claiming she was in school.

Then he slapped her and shouted, “all her privileges” including deleting her social media account, removing her from the sports team, and forbidden her from attending school camps. I told her to take away.

“Also, if you want to eat, ask for permission. If you want to watch TV, ask for permission. I want to play PlayStation 4, but I ask for permission. Basically anything you want to do at home. You Asks for my permission. “

He said the girl was crying but quiet and didn’t answer any questions because he scolded her.

After this, he said, “I noticed that her skirt was getting shorter and shorter,” when he yelled at her in her school outfit, there was another opportunity before his arrest. ..

The man said he was shocked and sad when he learned of her allegations after being arrested.

He later told investigators that he believed that his daughter had created a motion against him because he had recently disciplined her.

When shown in court the VR headset, he admitted that he owns the same model he got online as an “impulse buy.”

However, he never allowed the victim to use the headset because he thought the headset would impair his eyesight because it consisted of a slot that held the phone in front of the user. Insisted.

The trial continues and the man’s wife and mother-in-law are expected to run as defense counsel. The couple has two other children.

In addition to the victim, two of her friends, her teacher, her school counselor, child protection officer, and child psychologist also submitted evidence as prosecution witnesses.

If convicted of using a criminal force to offend the humility of a child under the age of 14, the man may be sentenced to up to five years in prison, a fine, a caning, or any combination of these penalties. You may be fined.

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