After at least 12 confirmed outbreaks in the community, a 48-hour mass nucleic acid test (NAT) drive was initiated at 12:00 pm.

There are a total of 53 NAT stations throughout the city, including 342 sampling booths. There are general stations (free of charge) and self-paying stations. The latter (18) station provides the printed NAT certificate required to cross the border.

Citizens book NAT in advance via https: // (general station) or (self-paying station) is needed.

Each person will also receive three rapid antigen test kits upon registration at the NAT station.

“Arrangements for the use of test kits will be announced in due course as the epidemic situation progresses. By then, residents will perform their own tests as needed and test results on designated online platforms. “We need to report,” said the New Coronavirus Response Coordination Center, adding that citizens cannot open the test kit before certain arrangements have been made. Their use will be announced by the Center.

The city’s new mass test drive will take place after at least 12 people have been announced to be COVID-19 positive.

Four showed symptoms of Covid-19 and the remaining eight were considered asymptomatic.

Authorities added that none of the 12 cases had a clear recent travel history.

Ten cases were detected in EdifĂ­cio Yim Lai, a residential house in Rua Manuel de Arriaga near Kiang Wu Hospital. The other two are related cases.

Authorities have announced that the following buildings have been closed (red zone) or have received special precautions (yellow zone):

  • Imraiville, Rua Manuel de Arriaga (Red Zone)
  • Sonrayville, Rua Manuel de Arriaga (Yellow Zone)
  • Chun Fong, Rua de Afonso de Albuquerque (Yellow Zone)
  • Tat Chongville, Rua de Afonso de Albkerk (Yellow Zone)
  • Tatwenville, Ruadea Fonso de Albkerk (Red Zone)
  • Man Heng Building, Rua de Afonso de Albuquerque (Yellow Zone)
  • Padre Modern Cuisine, Avenida Dada Praia Grande (Red Zone)
  • Takufonville, Avenida Dada Praia Grande (Yellow Zone)
  • Parkway Mansion, Block 2, Ruad Almirante Costa Cabral (Red Zone)
  • Centro Chiu Fok, Rua de Pedro Coutinho (Red Zone)

Meanwhile, the Education and Youth Development Bureau has announced that it has suspended all classes and educational activities from today.

Various government departments are canceling public events.

The Government of Macau has declared an “emergency preventive condition” at 1:00 am this Sunday due to the increased risk of community outbreaks.

The New Coronavirus Response Coordination Center also said that people leaving the SAR from various border crossings from 6 am on June 19, 2022, when the Zhuhai-Macau Joint Prevention and Management Mechanism last night, had a negative NAT result. Announced that they have agreed to have a valid certificate of existence. 24 hours for customs clearance. On the other hand, anyone entering Macau from the Zhuhai-Hengqin border crossing must present a valid negative NAT performed in the last 48 hours.

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