Aphasia is a communication disorder that results from damaged nerve pathways in the brain. In other words, thinking cannot be instantly connected to language. Those who are suffering have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, and understanding spoken and written language.

Indeed, in the first few months after his accident, Nicholas barely remembered his ABC, let alone the form of words, said his 67-year-old father, a privately-employed driver.

Prior to that, Nicholas, the eldest son of six sons, was an up-and-coming Thai food and delivery entrepreneur.

“He was after making his first $ 1 million,” Peter said, adding that he had never heard of a player like Grab Food at the time. “Nicholas was a success.”

His hobbies were fishing and soccer, remembering his mother, Pauline Tan.

When asked what he missed most about him as he was old, Nicholas, now 40, said: Memories, yes. Dance and drink. fun.

“Last time, I have a lot to do. But accidents, and … always things go wrong and I’m depressed.”

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