Pressure on the government to take urgent steps to deal with the surge in living costs is to accelerate a series of nationally planned protests.

Massive protests have taken place in Cork this weekend, with more protests planned in Dublin, Limerick, Waterford and Galway.

Protests are planned in a warning that low-income families are facing the threat of food poverty this winter as soaring fuel and clothing cut into the money used to shop for groceries.

The first demonstration will take place on Saturday at 2:00 pm on St. Patrick’s Street in Cork. Organizers aim to highlight the challenges faced by ordinary families across Ireland amid rising fuel, food and clothing costs.

Don O’Leary, director of the Cork Life Center, said Ireland needs to act to protect the most vulnerable people.

“Some people come to us and say that kids are hungry this winter,” he said.

“Children are already suffering. Because of today’s hunger, cold and poverty-related problems, we are laying the groundwork for future generations of young people to experience mental health problems.”

Former Debenhams worker and rights activist Carol Ann Bridgeman said Irish families are already struggling to cope with soaring costs amid fears of what next winter may bring. He said he was doing it.

She said the reality of life in modern Ireland is to reduce children’s activities and outings in order to reduce costs and save fuel, electricity and food money.

In some cases, she said, the children provided their parents with communion and confirmation money, or even savings to fund ordinary family activities.

“That’s what you don’t want to hear from your child as a parent,” she said.

Kaitriona Toumei, director of Cork Penny Dinners, said Ireland is facing a poverty crisis that has not been witnessed for decades.

She said it resembles modern famine for some vulnerable Irish families.

“I’ve been warning about this for quite some time,” she said.

“When we reach the level of food poverty we have in cities, towns and villages, it’s famine. We’ve experienced it before. Looking at our history books, the government will do this in the future. Do you really want it as a legacy of? “

“Food poverty is famine-it’s as easy as that.”

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