A new bomb enthusiastic about “stepping on a few toes” entered the Love Island villa during a tense episode.

Anica Taylor, a 21-year-old dancer from Leicester, attended the show on Friday’s “Sex Sea” challenge. In this challenge, she performed a fascinating dance for a boy who likes girls.

When asked what she would bring to the villa, Danica said:

“My friends will probably say I won’t hide from dramas and discussions, and I’m a good friend. I’m very good at advice, I’m pretty wise beyond my age.

“I really don’t see the competition. I’m a very confident girl.

“There is obviously competition because the guy I like is already interested in other girls, but I’m not afraid I can’t turn my head, and I step on some toes I’m happy to be able to do that. “

Shortly after she arrived, the text revealed that the girl had to choose who to partner with in the shock reunion, starting with the new girl Danika.

Standing around the fire pit, she said. “This is a really strange situation for me because I haven’t been here for 24 hours.

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“I didn’t know much of you, you’re all nice boys, but I didn’t come here to play it safely, and I have to follow my heart.

“I can only go to what I see at face value and usually someone of my type. Unfortunately, I have to explore it. I have to follow my heart about this.”

Her shocking arrival added that “they will give you an Oscar” after David’s brand actress Ekins was a “liar” and a new boy, Jay, confirmed that he was on the terrace. Came after the clash-she vehemently denied.

David said: “This is why I didn’t open myself because I’m afraid of being hurt by a woman like you.

“I and you are closed, so I hope you find the love of your life. I’m looking for something real.”

He later said she was the “most false person” she had ever met, adding that “for me you no longer exist.”

Ekin-Su tells Jay:

In Friday’s episode, Tasha won the “Sex Sea” challenge, and Ekins chose a new boy, Jay, to dance, despite a playful kiss on David’s cheek.

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