This is a crazy summer.

Those hoping to return to a “normal” trip are plagued by airport delays, rising costs, Covid concerns, and the threat of strikes.

From passport renewals to security rules, plane seats and baggage charge mazes, it accurately adds the joy and expectations of planning a vacation, in addition to the basic travel skills we had to relearn. Not.

Irish vacationers have escaped the worst turmoil so far (in the UK, multiple airports are struggling and BA alone is reducing about 20,000 flights from its summer schedule). It’s worth repeating. But still, no matter how you look at it, it’s peak season eddy.

One way to limit risk and anxiety is to do what you know.

By sticking to a trusted location, you can eliminate many unknowns, relieve decision-making stress, and entail a visible journey. The excitement of a bucketlist’s journey may not be as exciting, but it can be scaled up by offering something valuable. Peace of mind.

Think about the hotel you love. A reliable pool, a familiar face serving breakfast, and a playground where children are known to be safe. Or click on that sun holiday resort. The buffet was good, the beach was within walking distance, the staff were friendly and the shops were nearby.

How about just pressing “repeat” instead of starting from scratch?

How about a “copy and paste” holiday?

A recent survey of British vacationers by Norwegian Cruise Line found that 73pc had returned to the same hotel abroad several times. In Ireland, of course, many of us look forward to catching the day on a new and exciting trip, but the friendliness also seems to appeal.

Tour America’s Stephanie Frame says, “This year, customers will spend” more “on their trips and upgrade themselves and treat themselves where they know, rather than rushing to spend pandemic savings on new adventures. Has made a big return to the familiar holiday. “

Similarly, Martin Skelly of Navan Travel states that 80% of clients want a credible vacation like the French campsites and the sun in the Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal.

“The risk is low,” he says. People are choosing holidays that “they know they run smoothly”, and he repeats that we are ready to spend more. “A family holiday with all the bells and whistles is required.”

A holiday without “what if” for those who are already worried about Covid and cancellation. Not only can you eliminate the additional hassle of visas and connecting flights, but you can also provide fun and calming predictability.

I do not underestimate the nostalgia. Limited to our 2 km, the worst month of the pandemic, I wondered if we would travel again. I’ve comforted my memories of past holidays a little, so I’d like to go back to that place. Maybe its friendliness could reconnect our pre-pandemic past and present, but only for a moment.

Of course, I still want a new adventure. But sometimes it’s a pleasure to stick to what you know.

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