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Over the last decade, the number of Norwegians diagnosed with mole cancer has increased by 40%.

According to the Cancer Registry, this type of cancer is growing rapidly in the country, P4 writes. Last year, 2,443 people in Norway had mole cancer.

For men over the age of 50, the increase since 2011 has reached almost 60%.

“This generation traveled south, sunbathing, went out a lot, had more free time than previous generations, and in that sense, they were adversely affected by the sun,” said the Norwegian Cancer Society. Secretary-General Ingrid Stenstabold Ross told the radio channel.

She added that so many people don’t have to have cancer that can be prevented and encourage people to take responsibility for following skin changes.

“If the mole changes shape or color, or if it itches or bleeds, you need to go to the doctor,” she said.

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