Women give moms $ 1,600 a month, but moms say that’s not enough.She complains that she can’t retire

Photo: Unsplash / Michelle Ding (for illustration purposes only).

A woman posted to SG Whispers, claiming that she would not only give her mother monthly allowances, but also pay for her household and groceries, but her mother was dissatisfied, her daughter gave only a small amount, and her mother’s. I told others that I refused to retire.

The poster is 41 years old and single. She writes that she earns $ 12,000 a month.

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“Sufficient” — HDB residents complain about the two dogs barking non-stop.

Photo: Complaints taken from Singapore and Canva.com

Residents of the Housing and Development Board (HDB) shared on social media how their neighbor’s dogs constantly barked and became sleep deprived.

Despite reporting the problem to the city council and police, residents said it was “useless.”

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Singaporean family needs S $ 1.5 million growth stimulants for babies with dwarfism

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Amandatan

A Singaporean family is calling on the public to help raise more than $ 1 million for growth-stimulating medicines for a nine-month-old son born of dwarfism.

One Amanda Tan went to Facebook on Saturday (July 9th) to share a rare genetic condition called achondroplasia or dwarfism in her son Jaden, which affected his bone growth. I did.

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Jamus Lim reassures residents who have expressed concern about the failure to bid on Sengkang’s management agents

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Sengkang GRC

While visiting the house at 321C Anchorvale And 289B This week’s compass veil, Jamus Lim met a concerned resident after hearing that a bid was not placed on a management agent last April.

For this reason, the Sengkang Town Council has moved to direct management and was announced in a Facebook post on May 17th.

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As the number of SCDF: 995 calls continues to grow, the public may be delayed in answering ambulances. Dial 995 only in case of an emergency and receive about 760 calls a day.

Photo: FB screen grab / SCDF

The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) is calling on the public to refrain from calling the 995 Emergency Hotline except in emergencies. This is because the Singapore Civil Defense Force receives about 760 calls daily.

According to the SCDF, the continued increase in emergency medical service (EMS) calls can delay ambulance response to the general public, especially in the case of low-severity medical accidents.

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