‘help!My passport is ready to be collected, but the post office and ICA do not have a time frame available. “— Netizens seek advice

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Having a valid passport is important these days and you have the opportunity to travel two years after the pandemic. However, it was difficult to renew the passport, the waiting time was long, and it was difficult to collect it.

One netizen was at a loss when he couldn’t make an appointment and crowdsourced help to get a passport. Fortunately, others with the same experience were able to provide useful advice.

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“Is this your public housing idea?” — Lim Tean asks after the five-room Dawson HDB Flat has been sold for a record $ 1.418M.

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SkyTerrace @ Dawson’s five-room HDB flat sold for a record $ 1418,000. 99.co Reported on Wednesday, July 13th.

“Catching up with the most expensive HDB flats ever sold has proven to be a challenge as flats across Singapore continue to bravely fight for the title,” the article reads. I did.

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SCMP Op-Ed says Lee Kuan Yew’s leadership abilities needed in today’s Asia-Pacific region also admire the example set by Jacinda Ardern and Joko Widodo.

Photos of Joko Widodo, Lee Kuan Yew and Jacinda Ardern on Facebook

In today’s difficult times, we need good leaders, such as those set by Singapore’s founder, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. A US university professor wrote in an opinion piece on July 12.

Was published in South China Morning Postst “Asia needs a leader in Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew caliber to navigate the messy world.”

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Where can I use the NS55 Credit Voucher in Singapore?


National Service (NS) is one of the most important events in Singapore’s men’s life and is probably one of Singapore’s most unique features. After all, the importance of NS cannot be emphasized any further. This is because it is the only line of defense against potential external threats that Singapore may face.

Thus, the Ministry of Defense has marked 55 years of national service, so it is certainly a worthy opportunity to celebrate.

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Gerald Jam: Recruitment challenges show a tendency to be more concerned about inadequate Singaporeans entering high-demand areas

FB Screen Grab: Gerald Jam

During a recent visit to the population, the employer talked to Workers’ Party Rep. Gerald Giam about the challenges of finding people in a variety of jobs.

“Their concerns weren’t just about the difficulty of getting a work path for foreign workers. Instead, these employment challenges are in areas where insufficient Singaporeans are in demand in the industry. It’s showing a tendency to be more concerned than entering, “Aljunied GRC MP wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday (July 12).

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A post story you might have missed, July 13th was the first to appear in Independent Singapore News-Latest Latest News

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