Netizens leave a five-star review to counter the “cheap skating” policy of Fort Canning Restaurant’s ban on eating out. The carry-on fee is S $ 20 instead of S $ 50.

Photo: Google screen grab

Those who dine at Fort Canning Park restaurants were told to pay a S $ 50 carry-on fee to bring their birthday cake, and have left a bitter Google review of their experience ever since.

Netizens have since given their businesses a five-star rating to combat one-star reviews by “cheap skates” who don’t understand the restaurant’s “ban on external food policies.”

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Love Scam: Influencer “Girlfriend” Will Steal Thousands of Dollars From BFs in SG, Malaysia and South Korea

Facebook screen grab / hero cyber security

Note that you will fall in love online. Because what you see is not always what you get.

Apart from losing your heart, you can also lose a lot of money.

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S’pore man spends 8 years trying to get back S $ 50K from the original

Photo: Obtained from Canva.com / used for illustration purposes only

A 62-year-old man living in Singapore wasted eight years trying to recover the S $ 50,000 he had kept with his ex-girlfriend.

Despite signing the deal and a contract with a witness on the scene, Xie Toshiyasu was unable to collect the cash after repeatedly trying to contact Mr. Hong, 62.

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Soh Rui Yong: ST’with the heading’Really polluted me’he’s a’party to a new record’

Photo: FBscreengrab / sohruiyong

The Straits Times provided champion runner Soh Rui Yong with what appears to be a backhand compliment with the headline of the June 19th print article entitled “Partyingtonew record.”

The subheading of the article says, “Despite the” many late nights “after the exam, Saw broke his 10,000-meter nationwide mark.” Runner posted a screenshot of the article, tagged the newspaper, and said, “Wow The Straits Times really polluted me with that headline. #RoleModel.”

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Titus Low proposes to M’sian influencers 6 hours after meeting her at a party

Photo: YouTube Screen Grab / Titus & Cheryl

Former OnlyFans creator Titus Low surprised his followers after announcing his engagement with Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin.

In a YouTube video posted on Friday (June 17th), 22-year-old Low and 21-year-old Chin answered some questions about their relationship and explained how they “should be”. did. Both were “a little too spontaneous”, so Law took the opportunity to propose. When asked, “How was your suggestion?”, Rho explained that it was “pressure from his peers” that prompted him to ask questions, as he wouldn’t do that on a normal day.

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