San Francisco: Andrew Wiggins scored 26 points when the Golden State Warriors fought over the Boston Celtics 104-94 and moved within one win of the seventh NBA Championship Crown on Monday. After a rare offnight after Stephen Curry played four heroes in a 43-point game, Wiggins took control and led a balanced Golden State offensive effort.

Wiggins performed enormously at both ends of the Warriors’ Chase Center Court, shooting 12 out of 23 shots, with two steals and 13 rebounds in one block. The Warriors can conclude the championship as the series returns to Boston for Game 6 on Thursday. “There are two cracks in winning a win, but we also know how difficult it is,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

“No one is celebrating, but we are excited to be here and want to take advantage of it.” Carr has been steadily a Warriors since joining the franchise two years ago. He led a tribute to Wiggins, Canada’s former No. 1 draft topic, which is an integral part of the setup. “He loves challenges. He loves competition. And he found that he plays a very important role in our team. I think that’s empowering him. “Car said. “He was great because he knows how much we need him.”

Wiggins led the Warriors scorer, and Klay Thompson provided support with 21 points, including five three points. Gary Payton II (15 points) and Jordan Poole (14) both put out two-digit numbers from the bench. Warriors Talisman and NBA Finals MVP front runner Curry chipped in at 16 points, but only shot 7/22 from the field, down from 3 points to 0/9. He was the first to score three points in Curry’s playoff career and was the first to cross an arc and draw a blank in an NBA game since 2018.

“I think Steph was probably planning a game like this,” Kerr said. “But we have a lot of talent and depth to make up for it, and they did that good job tonight.” Warriors star Draymond Green said in the fourth quarter Fau. Curry’s display is good news for the Golden State, saying performance has improved despite the ring. “He gets well when he enters Game 6, and that’s exactly what we need,” Green said.

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Jayson Tatum leads Boston scorer with 27 points, Marcus Smart added 20 points and Jaylen Brown added 18 points. .. Boston threatened to play a great match in San Francisco during the rampant third-quarter exhibition, which surpassed the Warriors by 35-24 before it declined in the fourth quarter. Celtics coach Ime Udoka lamented the inconsistent team shape quarterly.

“That’s the problem. What we don’t have throughout the game is consistent effort, sustained effort, and above all unpleasant,” Udoka said. “It turns out that it was the part where the carryover happened not only from game to game, but from quarter to quarter, and it happened third instead of fourth.” Burst wiped out the 12-point Warriors advantage after the first two quarters. After a great Golden State defensive performance in the first half, Boston was limited to just 39 points to track 51-39 on the break.

However, the Celtics switched on after the interval, erasing the Golden State advantage in minutes, and continued Tatum’s three-pointer, which was within two points on 51-49. Shortly thereafter, Smart threw another three, drawing the match 55-55, and then Al Horford raining another triple (Boston’s eight consecutive wins three points) to the Celtics at 58-55. Gave the first lead of the match. Boston continued to lead 5 points 66-61, turning from half-time to 17-point turnaround, but the Warriors digged deeper to accommodate it.

The three-point buzzer in the pool led the Warriors 75-74 into the final period. The Warriors were reorganized in the fourth quarter, and Wiggins drove the layup to launch an unanswered 10-0 run for the home team, giving the Golden State a huge advantage of 85-74 with 11 points. From there, the Warriors didn’t seem to abandon the initiative. Wiggins continued to score 10 points when the Warriors closed the door and won a deserved victory. – AFP

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