Manchester City players remained amused and confused after being greeted by comedy character Troy Hawk before the pre-season tour.

Troy Hawk, the character of Omedian Milo McCabe, became famous for bringing Gree’s Guild personas to shops across the country, welcoming customers and often annoying staff to say goodbye. ..

However, this time it seems that Premier League champion Manchester invited them to greet the players, leaving many players, including Jack Grealish, confused.

“Welcome to the training camp, you have a very symmetrical face,” Hawk told the England midfielder on arrival.

“What do I have?” Grealish replied before asking an internal colleague, “Did he say anything to the man?”

Hawk brought good luck to the new signature Kalvin Phillips. “Welcome to the training sir. You have clear eyes and great skin. You are clearly a master of hydration.”

“I try to do that!” Phillips replied with a smile before entering.

The last was Pep Guardiola, the manager at the end of the Hawk riddle.

“Who is Pep Talker? Pep Talker, or Pep Talker who gives Pep Talk to Pep?” Hawk asked.

“Pep Pep Talker” Guardiola replied before rushing inside.

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