During an investigation into a similar crime, an HIV-positive man had sex with another man without revealing his condition.

On Tuesday (June 7), a 48-year-old man did not tell the two men who were sleeping together that he was infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a crime under the Infectious Diseases Act. Was imprisoned for a year.

A male public relations consultant is being treated for his illness and cannot sexually infect HIV without using a condom during sex.

His lawyer is suing the ruling.

Men and victims cannot be named because of the Gag Order.

The court heard that the Ministry of Health was notified after notifying police that the first victim had been sexually assaulted on October 10, 2019. Police knew that the man was HIV positive.

The man and the victim had sex at the man’s house, but he did not inform the victim of his HIV-positive status.

During the investigation, on September 30, last year, another 25 victims reported police saying that the man had oral sex without revealing his HIV-positive status.

On April 24, last year, sexual activity took place at the accused’s home without a condom. A male lawyer told the court that their client was drunk during this encounter, which undermined his judgment.

Neither victim agreed to accept the risk of having sex with a man.

As a result of the investigation, he was diagnosed on July 7, 2017 and was told that he needed to notify his sexual partner of his HIV status regardless of viral load or condom use.

His HIV viral load test last year found that the disease was undetectable or borderline positive. A doctor at a national university hospital said during the investigation that there was virtually no risk of HIV transmission from people with undetectable viral load to their sexual partners.

Defense lawyers Sunil Sudheesan and Joyce Khoo said that “there is virtually no risk of infection” and that the undetectable viral load of the client is the result of strict adherence to his treatment and will impose high fines without imprisonment. I asked the court.

“For fear of being stigmatized for HIV, our clients mistakenly omitted to disclose the risk of infection if the risk of infection was zero,” said the lawyer, who had one sexual encounter with each partner. He added that it was only once.

If he did not inform his sexual partner of the risk of HIV transmission, the man could have been fined up to $ 50,000, imprisoned for up to 10 years, or both.

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