Doha: Sheikh Harifa bin Jassim al-Tani, Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce, yesterday at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer of the Directorate General of Investment and Free Zones, who is currently visiting Doha. We met with Advisor Abdel Wahab and his accompanying delegation.

The conference touched on investment cooperation between the two countries, opportunities available on both sides, and incentives provided by the Egyptian government to attract foreign investors.

He also attended the meeting of First Vice-Chair of QC, Mohammed bin Twar al-Kwari, many QC Board members and general managers, and Amr Kamal El-Sherbiny, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Qatar.

At the meeting, Sheikh Harifa praised the relationship between the two countries and emphasized that these relationships have made great strides in the last few years.
Sheikh Harifa acknowledged Katari’s strong desire to increase investment in Egypt in a variety of areas such as agriculture, industry, food security, real estate, tourism, infrastructure and hospitality.

He praised the boom that Egypt witnessed in terms of infrastructure and economic appeal, and during the next period Qatar’s investment in Egypt increased, between Qatar and Egyptian investors through the establishment of joint ventures and projects. I expected further cooperation from Egypt.

Mohammed Abdel Wahab Counselor discusses procedures for doing business in Egypt, the most important incentives the government offers to investors, and the role of the Directorate General of Investment and Free Zones as a focus between investors and the Free Zone. Did. Egyptian government.

Abdel-Wahab pays homage to Qatar’s businessmen’s interest in learning about the opportunities available in their country, giving investors a set of incentives for investors, whether they are in SEZs or SEZs. Emphasized that it provides facilities. He noted that there are about 50 investment opportunities ready for investment and called on the Chamber of Commerce to circulate between its members and Qatar investors.

“The Directorate General of Investment and Free Zones is ready to support Qatar’s willingness to invest in Egypt, inform them of available opportunities and streamline the process to get the project started in a short period of time. “He said.

He called on Qatari investors to visit Egypt and become familiar with these opportunities in many promising areas, and the Chamber of Commerce and Qatari businessmen will be held in Cairo in September this year. Invited to the forum. Meet with Egyptian counterparts to discuss on-site investment opportunities.

During the meeting, the parties agreed on the importance of strengthening cooperation between the two organizations and the need to revitalize the Qatar Egyptian Business Council. They also discussed the possibility of holding a joint trade fair to promote Qatar and Egyptian products on both sides.

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