More than four-fifths of people say accessing music, art, books, movies, podcasts and TV via digital devices is important, but it comes at a price for creative industries.

A YouGov poll by the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) found that 81% of people say that accessing cultural content digitally is important in their daily lives, and 63% download content for free. increase.

The ‘Access and Valuation of Cultural Content’ study highlights how digital devices and technology are helping to reduce levels of cultural exclusion, but it is not fair to compensate when content is shared. It’s costing artists, performers, writers, and musicians who aren’t.


Caroline Dinenage calls for more cross-industry collaboration (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Poll suggests 72% support creative industry being paid when work is shared digitally, and 67% support government being open to new initiatives .

As the cultural landscape shifts in favor of online consumption, just 5% of respondents believe all creators are paid for their work that they can stream, share or download.

The figure precedes the formation of a new government and the fall budget.

Caroline Dinenasci, Member of Parliament and former Minister of Digital Culture, said: Enable everyone and all sectors to thrive in the long term.

“Government consideration of viable and sustainable opportunities introduced by Europe and the rest of the world that the UK can viably replicate to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of the global creative economy. is important.”

DACS Chief Executive Officer Gilane Tawadros said:

“As the UK looks for new ways to invest and grow its economy after Covid-19 and Brexit, we are looking at how government and industry can work together, and how the creators of culture are technology companies. It’s time to ask how we can share the success of

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