Understanding parenting from different perspectives helps couples embark on a happy journey, experts say.

Hong Kong SAR – Media Outreach – June 7, 2022 – Under the pandemic, has the family planning between couples been affected by the constant change? Parents and children in Hong Kong spend more time at home together, but do they communicate well about childcare?Mead Johnson Nutrition Hong Kong (“Mead Johnson”) previously surveyed more than 1,000 individuals who are married or planning to marry.[1]I tried to understand more about childcare and family planning for couples in Hong Kong.

The Happy Parenting Index Survey 70% of respondents expect to have children, and the majority of parents (90%) believe that raising children can bring happiness and fulfillment to their family life. rice field.

Parenting is difficult but provides an essential source of well-being

The difficulty of raising children scares many couples to have their own children. More than 85% of respondents were concerned about the financial burden of raising children (86%). On the other hand, nearly 70% believe that parenting puts pressure (69%). Despite practical difficulties, nearly 70% expected to have children (66%) and most wanted to have at least one or two children.

Exaggerated fear occurs before becoming a parent while the parent emphasizes the joy behind it

The study also emphasized that parents value parental joy compared to couples without children. Approximately 40% (43%) of respondents without children are concerned about the impact of parenting on their careers, but only 27% have the same concerns. There is a gap in expectations, indicating that parenting may not be as difficult as one might imagine. Almost 90% of parents believed that their children could lead a more fulfilling life (89%) compared to about 50% (53%) of those without children.

Dr. Gregory Mack, a psychiatrist, Couples planning future families pointed out that they may be less likely to have children due to expected or envisioned challenges. When planning to have a child, he recommended that couples consider different perspectives, such as seeking advice from a friend who has a child and not overthinking the challenge. Registered social worker Cyril ChungThe proposed couple remains open-minded in the course of the discussion and sets limits for overthinking parenting challenges.

Giving birth to a child can be a great experience, but it’s not an easy process. Those planning to have children felt that they had to spend an average of 8.6 months preparing for pregnancy, both mentally and physically. However, the survey also showed that more than 40% of male respondents were unaware of pregnancy preparation time (42%), and there is a clear gap between women and men’s understanding of pregnancy preparation. , Can lead to conflicts between couples.

Chung Recommended couples communicate transparently before getting married to live up to their expectations. Their ideas may change from time to time, and therefore effective communication is important to avoid possible conflicts. Check out Chung’s “Family Planning Tips” to help couples communicate and navigate the difficult task of preparing to have children.

Experts emphasize the need for encouragement as two-thirds of parents are discussing the childcare business sector.

Pandemics make childcare more intense and create situations that can lead to more frequent conflicts between parents. According to the survey, two in three parents discuss the division of labor for childcare with their partners (67%). Half reported that the conflict had a significant impact on their relationship (50%).

Such conflicts may result from the division of childcare work between parents. Most parent respondents expected that their childcare obligations would be evenly divided, but more than 75% of the surveyed mothers felt they made more contributions (76%) and were surveyed. Almost 60% of fathers agreed (58%). Despite the discrepancy between expectations and practices, more than 80% (83%) of respondents said their spouses could be motivated to contribute more to parenting.

Dr. MackSuggested that parents should assign roles based on their strengths and thank them for improving their relationships. Individuals are often shy and unable to express their appreciation for Chinese culture. However, a genuine expression of gratitude is a very effective reinforcement. See “Three Missions to Childcare Activities”“” For a secret recipe for a happy family proposed by Dr. Mack.

“We are committed to nurturing the best start of a child’s life, where the role of a happy family is crucial. Parent-to-parent communication and interaction is the healthy development and well-being of the child. Plays an important role in. ” Pankaj Agarwal, General Manager, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mead Johnson Nutrition (Hong Kong) Crossing Borders.. “This study aimed to help parents and couples better understand each other’s needs and expectations regarding childcare and family planning. We hope that they will have a happy and fulfilling family life for the next generation. I want to empower you to grow up. ”

[1] FRC (Hong Kong) Ltd, an independent research company, was asked to conduct a survey between November 22, 2021 and December 3, 2021. 398 individuals who are married to 309 respondents who are married without children and have children.

About Mead Johnson Nutrition (Hong Kong) Limited

Mead Johnson Nutrition was founded over a century. Since its founding in 1905, the renowned infant nutrition brand has led the development of science-based pediatric nutrition products, guided by its mission to nourish children around the world to get the best start in their lives. I did. Today, Mead Johnson Nutrition offers more than 70 products in more than 50 countries.

The excellent quality helped Mead Johnson Nutrition gain the trust of nutritionists and parents. Its devoted and rigorous approach, continuous innovation, constant pursuit of excellence, and compassionate feedback to the community also helped establish a good brand image.

Mead Johnson Nutrition (Hong Kong) Limited has been in Hong Kong for half a century. We provide parents in Hong Kong with high quality science-based products, a variety of parenting information and expert advice to earn the trust and support of their parents.

Mead Johnson Nutrition scientists and health care professionals are focused on prescribing for children with special nutrition needs. Mead Johnson Nutrition is one of the few brands that claims to give hope and prescriptions to children with metabolic disorders.

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