Plastic cups with unidentified liquids, empty bottles and trash everywhere – Singapore students said Singapore’s Chinatown is now “a synonym for dirt.”

The nearby eateries, with empty beer bottles and more gomi scattered on the floor, further substantiated the student’s claim.

A video posted by TikTok user @zeinsg on Saturday (July 16th) has been talked about online in Chinatown’s portrayal, saying he was a student named “Ah Ze”.


Why is Singapore’s Chinatown so dirty? That’s insane! What is the dirtiest place in Singapore? #singapore #chinatown

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“Why is Singapore’s Chinatown so dirty? That’s insane! Is there the dirtiest place in Singapore?” He asked in the caption.

Photo: TikTokscreengrab / zeinsg

Then AhZe can get a glimpse of the area. Trash cans and empty PET bottles were scattered on the ground outside the People’s Park Complex.

Photo: TikTokscreengrab / zeinsg

The video transitions to a row of plastic cups along the sidewalk railing. The cup was filled with unidentified liquids of various colors. There was also a used face mask.

Photo: TikTokscreengrab / zeinsg

“Is this a global garden city that many still recognize?” He asked.

At a nearby restaurant, used chopsticks, utensils, plates, and beer bottles cover the floor, and things haven’t improved.

Photo: TikTokscreengrab / zeinsg

While eating, those who were eating did not seem to be fascinated by the cluttered floors under them.

Photo: TikTokscreengrab / zeinsg

AhZe, who stayed in New York for a while, confirmed that Chinatown and Queens in Manhattan were in a similar state.

He pointed out that Chinatown around the world is a place where overseas Chinese can relax and enjoy truly authentic Chinese cuisine.

He added that it was a “window to understanding China.”

However, Ah Ze could not understand why the area reached such a state. He finished the video with a message to his compatriots, urging them to be more responsible for their actions abroad.

The netizens agreed with AhZe and wondered if more bailiffs were needed.

“Sadly, the level of cleanliness of foreigners is different from local standards. NEA should travel more there to help educate people,” commented TikTok user Hew.

“The only way to educate is to punish them for they to feel a pinch and keep the place clean,” TikTok users added, nfunny. / TISGF Follow us on social media

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