Local activist Go Kaew Wah, better known as Gilbert Go, was fined a total of $3,200 for offenses including participating in protests without a permit on Friday (August 19). , may have to spend three days in jail after the court hears it.He won’t pay the full amount.

Goh, 61, was found guilty of refusing to sign a police statement and of public order and morals.

He was fined $2,000 on Friday for attending a public rally to promote the cause without a permit outside the Immigration Checkpoint (ICA) building on Kallang Road on May 1 last year. I got

He was also fined $1,200 for refusing to sign a statement he later filed with police. This means he has to pay a total of $3,200.

But after the verdict, defense attorney Lim Tean told Deputy Chief District Judge Luke Tan that his client would only pay the $2,000 fine.

Unless he pays the $1,200 fine, Go will have to spend three days in jail.

At a rally last year, he carried a placard that read, “Ban all flights from India. We are not racist! Just be cautious.” posted a picture of on Facebook.

His protest comes a week after Singapore banned all long-term pass holders and short-term visitors who had been in India in the past 14 days from entering or transiting India.

The court heard that Mr. Ko refused to sign an affidavit recorded by a police officer at Bedok Police Station on May 11 last year.

In the filing, deputy prosecutors Andre Chong and Johannes Ng said Goh was clearly promoting the cause by holding up a placard near the ICA building.

The prosecutor added:

“His claim that he would not have been granted if he had applied is purely speculative and, in any event, irrelevant.”

Prosecutors also said his subsequent Facebook post explained his motivation for the protest.

“A simple reading of his sensational and provocative Facebook posts indicates that his actions were intended to stir up antipathy against foreigners,” they added.

Goh’s Facebook post on May 22 last year had the caption, “Stop Singapore’s genocide and close borders,” according to court documents.

It was superimposed on his protest photos.

In his defense, Goh claimed he was not making the cause public, but later claimed he had “good reasons” not to sign the statement.

Prosecutors said his explanation for not signing the statement was not that he didn’t have to.

Instead he said:

On Friday, DPP Chong asked the court to fine Goh a total of $3,700 to $4,200.

He said Goh’s actions were aimed at unraveling Singapore’s social fabric, and the activists showed a complete lack of remorse.

Lim sued his client for fines totaling up to $1,500, and said prosecutors had tried to unfairly portray Goh as someone who would harbor a grudge against foreigners.

Attorneys told the court that Ngo was not a divisive person, stressing that Ngo did charity work and brought relief to the homeless.

Goh later said in court that he was neither anti-xenophobic nor xenophobic.

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