When Adam Collard returned to his four-series, Love Island’s villa, from his first appearance, he didn’t waste his time responding to his “spinning” reputation.

A former personal trainer who grew up in Newcastle, he became notorious as a heartbreaker at the 2018 show and is back on the 35th day of Series 8.

He promised to return to Mallorca’s villa as the bomber “wavy a few feathers”.

Corrado made his entrance on Monday while the rest of the boys were out of the villa.

The text received by Page Thorne says: See you, Adam. “

The pair was later seen relaxing together by the pool, discussing the need to “train boyfriends” to build relationships with “boyfriend materials.”

“I don’t need this for the mix,” Page later confessed at the beach hut.

It comes as Jack O’Neill continues his attempt to get her back after it was revealed that Page had kissed Cheyenne Carr while at Casa Amor.

While talking to Adam, her fellow contestant described how happy Page looked right after his entry, and Jack said he was “very scared” with his new arrival.

When it first appeared on Love Island, Adam made a name for himself by quickly moving several female contestants.

After he entered on the first day of Series 4, he teamed up with Kendal Ray Knight and Rosie Williams.

After quickly abandoning both girls in quick succession, he moved to Zara McDermott.

However, when Zara was unexpectedly dumped on the 25th day, Adam immediately turned his attention to Casa Amor’s rookie Darryl Sargent.

Zara later admitted that shortly after being removed from the show, he found it difficult to see his former partner kissing Darryl.

Adam’s actions at the villa have attracted criticism from some political parties.

Viewers of the ITV2 dating show were shocked when he laughed when Rosie cried after splitting.

As a result, Katie Ghose, then CEO of Women’s Aid in the United Kingdom, has issued a statement emphasizing “a clear warning sign in Adam’s actions.”

During his first appearance on Love Island, Adam made a name for himself by quickly moving several female contestants (PAs).

Rosie also talked about Adam’s actions and later told Jeremy Vine that he thought he actually received “a kind of admiration” for his actions after leaving the villa.

She added: But when it came to work, he seemed to have more work to do to become this player. “

Adam was abandoned on the 32nd day, and in his exit interview he said he wouldn’t return to Love Island if he had the chance because he just wanted to see Zara.

The couple did reunited outside the villa a few days later, but eventually split in 2019, and Zara moved into a relationship with Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson.

Women’s Aid issued a further statement after ITV announced that Adam would return to the villa in 2022.

Teresa Parker, Head of Communications and Media, said:

“I hope ITV needs to learn how serious this problem is, given that it has asked Adam to return to the show.

“Love Island is being watched by many young people and we know how big it is. Producers make sure there is support for the contestants throughout and the relationship is unhealthy. Or you need to intervene in case of abuse. “

In May 2019, ITV released a comprehensive new duty of care process ahead of the fifth series, which was later awarded by Amber Gil and Greg O’Shea.

They updated their process for the latest series and began giving athletes inclusion training, including language and action, before they entered the villa.

ITV was contacted for further comments.

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